ETC LED panel

ETC presents its first LED panel for cinema and TV

The new fos / 4 Panel offers fill light in three different sizes. Specially designed for professional lighting in the film and television sectors for its color rendering and temperature adjustable functions.

After years of dedication looking for the best camera light, ETC is proud to announce its new product family fos / 4 of lighting panels focused on the cinematographic and broadcast sectors. Available in three sizes - small, medium and large - and two models - Lustr X8 and Daylight HDR - the new fos / 4 Surprised by its luminosity - up to 62.000lm, 50% higher than other brands in the market- and quality in color reproduction.

Three sizes available fos / 4 panel ETC

In its version Lustr X8 Adds a deep red to the color mixture, enriching the spectrum and improving the appearance of skin tones, resulting in greater depth in blues, greens and amber tones.

Lustr X8 Array model colors, fos / 4 panel products

For its part, the version Daylight HDR It includes the possibility of adjusting the white and a powerful light output that uses a calculated selection of LEDs of the X8 color system, offering a natural warm light when rendering skin tones, optimized for its output with cold tones. This fill light offers incredible brightness and CCT (correlated color temperature) adjustable between 1.900 K and 10.450 K.

Colors Daylight HDR Array model, fos / 4 panel products

Other additional options include a full spectrum of color picker using a touch screen located on the device itself, various effects on board and short distance communication support (Near Field Communication). The control of City Theatrical Multiverse It allows the reception of up to 9 wireless universes in the same device.

fos / 4 panel ETC touch screen control. City Theatrical Multiverse

The new fos / 4 panels are manufactured in the United States and include the same warranty as other ETC LED products:

  • 5-year warranty on the entire device
  • 10-year warranty on the LED chip

ETC has begun accepting orders for this new panel, specifically specified for its film applications and Broadcast through its official distributor in Spain, Stonex. The company, based in Madrid, also has a technical service that offers support and maintenance in all products distributed for life.

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