Master the color mix: ETC LED and EOS

ETC consoles, distributed in Spain by Stonex, are the great bet in theaters and musicals for its easy color management, versatility and technical support in Spain.

There is no doubt that the LED is revolutionizing the lighting industry as we knew it. There are many reasons to celebrate the passage of the scenic spaces of conventional lighting to this new technology and one of the advantages of greater weight is the ability to work with color.

With LED lighting designers and programmers finally have control over color as never seen before. Luminaires that are capable of producing multiple shades allow users to mix the same color in different ways. For example, an amber could be achieved with the LED of the same color or by mixing red and green.

ETC EOS color mixing

Each of these options creates a different atmosphere on the stage and allows the illuminator to express emotions in several different ways. The possibility of adjusting colors in a precise way is an opportunity that had never been given in conventional lighting.

Likewise, designers also have the possibility of making transitions between colors. For example, an orange light could go directly to blue light, or stop for a moment in the purple that is created intermediate. All these achievements make the color mix that LED offers a very desirable possibility for lighting artists, although sometimes finding the right color can be a challenge.

EOS of ETC, the definitive tool at the service of creativity

Controlling the individual parameters of an LED can be not very intuitive, especially when working with devices that use more than three colors. Finding the exact hue is easier when programmers have a reference point or work with a console that offers them control beyond a simple color picker.

This is the case of consoles EOS de ETC, specifically designed to squeeze the maximum possibilities of the LED in terms of color. To do this, it has some tools that help save time when we are looking for a specific color.

EOS ETC Color Picker

El gel picker It offers us color options created by different jelly makers and works with algorithms that show how each jelly would look in a Source Four, the emblem cutout ETC. Several white temperatures are also available, a color that can be complicated. These options can be found in the library Standard Colors of ETC EOS consoles.

The tool gel picker It also allows you to choose, with just one click, the brightest hue of a particular jelly (button Brightest ”), the exact hue that would be seen if we worked with a real jelly (button “Spectral”), or an intermediate point between these two options (button "Hybrid").

ETC EOS options

Another tool offered by this software is "Tint" which facilitates translation between design requirements and luminaire settings. Whether the luminaire you are working with is RGB, CMY or X7, the programmer can make small adjustments to the hue, making it warmer or cooler, increasing saturation or adding other shades.

Stonex after-sales service: our added value

In an industry that is moving towards the total replacement of conventional luminaires with new ones with LED technology, ETC, distributed in Spain by Stonex, works to offer its users the maximum facilities when working with these teams, taking full advantage of this new tool that promises great changes at both artistic and creative levels.

For its users in Spain, the advantage of having an after-sales service in Madrid that offers advice, cleaning and maintenance of ETC devices is added. For all this, the consoles of the American manufacturer are the most popular in the theatrical and musical sector of the country.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC Among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and scenic engineering, Stonex has more than 39 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment.

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