GrandMA3 1.0, the new MA Lighting software lands worldwide

Powerful, versatile and revolutionary, that's how the long-awaited Grand Lighting software from MA Lighting was born. It appears to take the lead in the most important scenarios of the national and international scene.

The GrandMA3 has already established itself as a world leader in the lighting control market. The console has been operating so far in GrandMA2 mode, strengthening the strength of its powerful hardware. He launch of the new version GrandMA3 consolidates the brand a on a professional and innovative level that heads the entertainment industry.

The software is redefined with a new interface that facilitates the programming and operation of the console, thus enhancing the MA philosophy. For its design, there has been the supervision and advice of professionals in the sector, giving rise to a tool born to facilitate the work of users. One of the most outstanding features of the 3 version is the expected onPC support with MAC and its total integration with the remake Vectorworks 2020. This last functionality, without a doubt, becomes a unique value where design and operability come together to offer a complete vision of the different stages of a show.

In its objective of offering functionality to the operator, the new GrandMA3 software also incorporates the use of GDTF files (General Device Type Format), an initiative of MA along with other firms to universalize the format of the libraries of the devices we work with. Brands like Claypaky, Ayrton o ETC They are already part of this project.

The evolution: from MA2 mode to MA3

The time has come to evolve into new concepts and new ways of working. The workflows between the 2 and 3 modes have been adapted as far as possible to facilitate the learning of the new software from its users. If you are one of the lucky ones that already has its GrandMA3, now yes, when you restart your console, choose the mode that best suits your needs.

Meanwhile and for a better understanding of the new concepts of the 3 version, MA Lighting offers different help and training tools to its users: e-learning program, forums for consultation and participation in social networks, training videos ... Stonex, as official distributor of the MA brand in Spain, is responsible for registering interested in e-learning training at MA University; as well as administer MA groups in Spanish on Facebook and YouTube; and, organize totally practical courses in lighting control of the brand.

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