ETC ETC repeats on Broadway with Moulin Rouge

The musical features a lighting design by Justin Townsend and is one of the most anticipated productions of this year on Broadway. Acclaimed by critics and the audience, he has relied on ETC and his family of EOS consoles for lighting control.

All those who decide to attend the show Moulin Rouge en Broadway You can be sure that you will live a unique experience. The emblematic Al Hirschfeld Theater It hosts this popular work with a spectacular design and staging, technical team and cast. For the lighting control of this acclaimed musical they wanted to have the power of the EOS Ti, from the popular console family of the manufacturer ETC, distributed in Spain by Stonex.

These lighting tables are very popular in Spain and can be found in musical control booths such as The Lion King, Anastasia y The call, among others. “The show is possible thanks to ETC products,” explains the lighting designer for the musical, Justin Townsend. "We have to work with a lot of information and no other console could have been in charge of this show."

Moulin Rouge EOS ETC

The challenge: a story that surpasses itself.

Much of the public is familiar with the 2001 movie, a work of high styling devised by Baz Luhrmann, so that a very important aspect for the creative team of this musical was to create a show that honored the film while standing out for itself.

"Our intention was to go beyond a simple recreation of the film, trying to create a live Moulin Rouge experience," says Townsend. The spectacular scenery of the designer Derek McLane It is combined with the electrifying lighting design of Justin Townsend. “We needed a bold, agile, flashy, rococo show, and I am delighted that we have been able to count on so many resources to make it happen. We have paid attention to every detail to create something that could shine and be truly unique, ”continues the designer. With about 200 moving heads, including LEDs, LED neons, traditional neons, discharge lamps and a large number of lampposts, the show needed a lighting control that met expectations and the response was EOS.

EOS TI ETC Moulin Rouge

The tool: EOS Ti from ETC, power and versatility.

“Any show needs to have some element that is difficult, be it pixel mapping, complex effects or discrete timming”, Explains the lighting programmer Brad Gray. "This show is a combination of all the most complicated things with which I have worked before," he continues. As the flagship of the ETC EOS console family, the EOS TI have provided enough versatility to combine and program complex effects in addition to offering the ability to control thousands and thousands of parameters reliably.

One of the biggest advantages of software EOS of ETC offers for Townsend y Gray it was the ability to create a variety of Magic Sheets. Gray created 10 Magic Sheets that interacted with each other, a complex task that included more than 6.000 channels. But once built, Townsend was able to interact with the script in a simple way. “This work we have done has been very exciting. Thanks to the Magic Sheets and multi-touch screens is as if we had created our own app for Moulin Rouge, ”says Townsend. “One of the best things about software EOS is that it is very designer friendly. I don't see myself using any console other than EOS”Says Brad Gray. This family of consoles is incredibly popular and is already used in a total of 27 Broadway productions.

Mouling Rouge Broadway ETC EOS

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC Among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and scenic engineering, Stonex has more than 39 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment.

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