LDI Las Vegas

LDI becomes one more year in the epicenter of innovation in the entertainment sector

Claypaky, ETC, MA Lighting and Ayrton have taken advantage of this event to present important developments within their catalog and set the course that innovation will take in the sector over the next few years.

LDI is the meeting point for premium brands of professional lighting. An appointment that manufacturers take the opportunity to present their latest releases, offer training talks and generate business.

Among all the news that attendees have been able to know, highlights the latest release of ClaypakyThe new Sharpy Plus Aqua. This is a review of its popular beam + spot hybrid model that now also has IP565 protection. This new and versatile moving head becomes a tool especially suitable for outdoor events, fixed assemblies where the device will be exposed to dust and dirt, or cruises and coastal areas where the high percentage of humidity could damage the devices.

Sharpy_plus_aqua Claypaky

In addition, a new complement specially designed to meet the needs of illuminators of large shows or small spaces where you want to create an illusion like no other has been presented. It's about the new ReflectXion, a moving mirror that provides an 99% of Reflectance no color aberration, with an 540º pan and infinite tilt with adjustable speed. You can throw beams with the same intensity with which you receive them. An effective tool to multiply the spectacular effect of any show without the need for a large investment.


In this edition has also highlighted the new Xtylos, the first laser source beam capable of producing solid and compact beams at a great distance, using even the colors red and blue. The innovation work of the Claypaky team for this product has been awarded with the award to Best Debuting Product Lighting 2019 in this edition of LDI.

Ayrton he has surprised with a new moving head as projected in his strategy Multi Twenty-One. It's about the powerful Shamal LT, the latest addition to the Long Throw family of heads specially designed for applications that need a long shot. Highlights its zoom with a close up to 3º and a power of 50.000 lm. A head that will not go unnoticed among the illuminators of great shows in which great power and variety of gobos and effects are needed as well as versatility to bathe large areas or concentrate the light at one point.


Lighting control

The leading lighting control brand for live shows MA Lighting came with the official presentation of the new software to GrandMA3. With its launch the German brand completes its offer with the most powerful console and operating system on the market, chosen by the main international illuminators in large shows. MA users will find an environment with expanded options and greater manageability thanks to its backlit faders, multy-touch screens and new arrangement of several key elements.

LDI_Ma-lighting GrandMA3

The leading brand specialized in television and theatrical lighting and motorization, ETC, has again emphasized its award-winning 3D viewing environment and augmented reality Augment3d. It is an easy way to manage the position of the luminaires even from the mobile, especially interesting for touring shows that must be repeated in different scenic spaces. His innovation has also earned him the prize Best Debuting Product Lighting 2019. Also in the branch of architectural lighting, the recently acquired ArcSystem, ETC presented in this edition of LDI the new luminaries ArcSystem Pro One Cell. A variety of luminaires suitable for integration into all types of spaces offering general light with adjustable temperature and intensity.


In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor Claypaky, MA Lighting, ETC and Ayrton Among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and scenic engineering, Stonex has more than 39 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment

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