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The Puy du Fou theme park entrusts Stonex with its lighting

This new leisure concept has landed in our country with the premiere of a great night show that tells the story of Toledo in which up to 180 actors and a five-hectare stage are involved. The installation and connection of the lighting system of the theme park has been the work of Stonex.

Last Friday, August 30 celebrated the premiere of the most spectacular park in Spain, Puy du Fou, a new theme park model that arrives from France. Here instead of attractions, visitors attend different large-scale representations in which a part of Spanish history is remembered. The lighting of this theme park has required the installation of more than 800 luminaires and a complex control system.

This park, which will be finished in 2021, has opened the night show to the public “Toledo's dream”, in which a total of 180 actors representing different moments of Spanish history participate. A great show that required the accompaniment of spectacular lighting capable of transporting the public to different historical moments and transmitting a great number of emotions.

Lighting theme park puy du fou

Lighting for a different theme park

Stonex, company specialized in complex lighting and control work With a large portfolio of scenic projects in theme parks, among others, it has been responsible for the integration of the system that makes possible the operation of the entire spectacular lighting installation of Puy du Fou and El Sueño de Toledo, with a lighting design from Koert Vermeulen

The challenge during the three months in which the project has been developed has been to ensure that the entire lighting system of the show works under the same control in an effective, efficient and fault-free manner. A powerful connection was required to unify the entire network of luminaires - more than 800 - and to enable conversation between them.

lighting puy du fou stonex

MA Lighting at the control of Puy du Fou

For the control, several products of the leading brand in spectacular lighting consoles have been provided and installed, MA Lighting. “El Sueño de Toledo” works under the government of two consoles GrandMA3 light. German brand consoles are the most popular on the market when it comes to great live shows. It is designed to facilitate the control of complex installations combining reliability and versatility in the control of both the luminaires and other devices involved in the show.

To achieve connectivity between all devices in the system have been installed 13 GrandMA3 Processing Unit M, product that extends the console capacity in 4.096 parameters and five GrandMA3 4Port Node for signal transmission.

After the installation of the lighting material, the realization of the connection and the start-up of the entire system by Stonex, the show premiered last August 30 gathering a total of 4.000 spectators.

Stonex theme park lighting

This is how the first phase of construction of Puy du Fou, which will feature 2021 with 4 large day productions, three historic villages and 30 hectares of nature. It is a leisure bet that combines entertainment and environmentalism, with great conservation plans for the flora, fauna and water of the area. This park format was born in France in 1978 and has already received twice the "Best Park Award" in the United States. In Spain the park is expected to have an influx of some 60.000 people only in this first season with the show “Toledo's Dream”And up to 1.800.000 visitors a year once the facilities have been completed and all the planned shows are launched.

A work of Stonex

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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