Stonex lighting LAB

Stonex opens its new space with an event dedicated to experimentation and innovation in the scenic lighting sector

For two days, professionals in the world of lighting can enjoy educational talks and staging with cutting-edge technologies that are marking the future of the sector, such as the new software for grandMA3 or lighting design in 3D environments.

The call is now open to participate in the open day that will be held next November 5 and 6 at the offices of Stonex (Madrid) that opens its new space in a Time which will cover both morning and afternoon. An exclusive event where all the innovation that determines the present moment in the lighting sector and where it is going with innovations in light sources, integration of design tools and new ones will be shared in a professional environment. processes to test the quality of the luminaires.

New Stonex space in Madrid

Coinciding with the inauguration of its new space, Stonex, with more than 39 years dedicated to the world of lighting and professional control, organizes these sessions marked by the spirit of experimentation, turning its facilities into a laboratory where attendees can discover and learn the implications of innovation in the entertainment sector for all types of spaces. This occasion will serve as an introduction to the concept Lighting LAB,  born from the experience of Stonex in different professional fields in which the least common denominator is always light.

During these days, lighting design and its new forms of integration with control becomes the protagonist. The event will bring attendees the tools that are transforming the way professionals work, such as Vectorworks or the new 3D and augmented reality environment created by ETCthe winner Augment3d.

Regarding lighting control, the new software of the successful one will be presented exclusively grandMA3 which combines power and versatility for large and small shows, being able to control even several scenarios from the same device.

New stonex space

A lighting laboratory

Among other developments, those professionals interested in the light sources that are revolutionizing the sector, will be able to know everything about the present and future of lighting in a journey that includes from the transition to LED to the laser, the new technology that promises to monopolize the market.

In addition, attendees will discover the details of the latest products of all brands that make up the Stonex portfolio: Claypaky, MA Lighting, ETC, Ayrton, Movecat y SIXTY82, among other. In this way, the Stonex showroom becomes a small experimentation center where the most advanced technology of premium brands meets in a unique meeting.

This event is a meeting point for professionals to exchange impressions and learn from innovation, experiment with the material and acquire knowledge about the new tools available. All professionals in the lighting and audiovisual sector who are interested in learning about the latest updates and developments in lighting and professional control are invited.

Those who are interested can register here.

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