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The Barceló Theater bets on Stonex to become the safest disco in Europe

The room is the first leisure space in Europe to install an emergency signaling system with technologies Increased Affordance, which increases the visibility of signage, and Adaptive Evacuation, able to program different evacuation routes thanks to the software CGline + and the luminaire Matrix CGLine +, which adapts visual signage.

In recent years, security has gained importance in leisure spaces such as discos, concert halls or auditoriums, among others. Risk situations such as agglomerations in arenas or terrorist attacks in nightclubs, are some of the scenarios that have led to regulations and solutions that minimize risk and spaces such as the Barceló Theater to implement highly functional security systems.

Since two years ago, Stonex It works to integrate emergency lighting technology with solutions that combine innovation and safety in its facilities. With its portfolio, it is committed to EATON It offers cutting-edge technology to increase occupant safety in large spaces.

Within Europe, the The Barceló Theater Madrid has been a pioneer in betting on Stonex and the technology offered by EATON. In this case your luminaries CrystalWay y Matrix CGLine +, a solution to manage evacuations dynamically and thus prevent situations such as crushing and congestion during an emergency evacuation.

Emergency lighting also in leisure spaces

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El Trapote Group, the owner of the premises, in his constant concern for the safety of his clients, decided to bet on disruptive evacuation technologies. “When entering any place, the first thing I notice is the location of the exits and their accessibility,” he says. César Llorente, head of maintenance of the spaces managed by the group. "We want our customers to be safe and enjoy."

With the renewal of emergency signage, the Barceló Theater is at the forefront, positioning itself as a security reference and offering its clients success in their events, celebrations or shows.

Previously, the room had photo-luminescent signage, less effective in terms of visibility refers to the backlit, and this was responsible for guiding users to emergency exits in case of event. This space has multiple exits destined exclusively for emergencies, therefore an installation was necessary that optimally covered the different possible evacuation routes.

Businessman Pablo Trapote states that he was convinced of the potential of this software and the new concept of adaptive evacuation, betting on both technologies to increase the security of this space. "We wanted to update ourselves and be pioneers in security with the installation of this system in our room."

Bet on cutting-edge technology

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After a study of the evacuation plan and the needs of the premises, at the request of the Trapote Group, the implementation of the latest generation of 33 luminaires was assessed. On the one hand, the CrystalWay, with technology Increased Affordance, which produces a luminous flicker with which the visibility of the signage is increased, capturing the attention of the occupants towards the evacuation routes enabled. On the other hand, the revolutionary Matrix CGLine + with tecnología de Adaptive Evacuation.

It was also integrated into the Barceló Theater in addition an automatic system to control the operation and autonomy, the software CGLine +. Thus, the person in charge of the installation can know at any time if the equipment is in an optimal state or proceed to its immediate replacement if this is not the case, as required by the new Decree Law 17 / 2019 approved in the Community of Madrid last April 2. Attached to the luminaire Matrix CGLine + It is able to indicate different evacuation routes previously programmed, signaling different exits or even blocking them. An intelligent solution to the unpredictable nature of the risk.

This new emergency signaling system has been a project carried out by Stonex, applying the pioneer technology of your partner EATON. From 1980, Stonex It offers specialized solutions in lighting and complex control, with a long history in the integration of lighting systems in large spaces in addition to having a turnkey project service.


the barceló theater emergency lighting

With the renewal of its emergency signaling system, the The Barceló Theater has become the first installation in Europe which includes these two technologies (Increased Affordance y Adaptive Evacuation) in a nightlife space.

The investment, in addition to security, allows the management of the flow of users / occupants during the daily use of the room, which now has a complete system of dynamic evacuation, monitored and manageable.

Software CGLine + It is a commitment to create safer and more efficient spaces. The time and money necessary for the maintenance of the luminaires is reduced and the Registration Book is automatically generated, which is bound by current regulations.

With the system installed, the lack of power supply or the possibility of risk can be managed quickly thanks to a dynamic signaling, composed of the two types of luminaires installed.

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