Emergency lighting in leisure spaces: new trends

Clubs and entertainment spaces begin to invest in new intelligent systems to ensure the safety of the facilities and their occupants.

With the end of the summer season, leisure events are relocated to indoor spaces where crowds and poor lighting are risk factors for occupant safety. After some tragic events in recent years - we remember the accident in Madrid Arena, among others - the owners of leisure spaces are increasingly aware of the need to incorporate emergency lighting solutions that facilitate the evacuation of the building in case of event.

The new trend in safety lighting

The investment in intelligent emergency lighting systems that provide security to the occupants and information relevant to the property or technical management is already a trend, taking into account that much of the problems during an accident can be solved with a good forecast and preparation of the space.

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These needs are especially accentuated in nightclubs and large spaces dedicated to entertainment, in which spectacular lighting hinders the visibility of this signage even when backlit. It also adds the fact that most of these spaces still have very inefficient photo-luminescent signals, since they lose visibility at a rate of five meters every ten minutes.


With the progressive tightening of regulations both nationally and internationally it is now time to renew equipment always thinking about the future and how these rules can be hardened.

Emergency lighting solutions for entertainment spaces

In the market, some companies like EATON, Which Stonex It is a technological partner, they have developed highly efficient solutions to facilitate the evacuation of a building in case of risk. It is the case of technology Increased affordance, dynamic illumination by means of a flicker that increases the visibility of the signage by a large percentage.

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The main advantage that this company is offering in the market in terms of emergency lighting solutions is the software CGLine +. This new intelligent system allows to know the status of the luminaires and batteries in real time as well as to make the registration book - mandatory - automatically and store it for four years.

On the other hand, highlights the new luminaire Matrix CGLine + able to indicate different routes and even blocking a path depending on where the danger lies. This prevents agglomerations and crushing while achieving a faster and safer evacuation.


Some emblematic spaces of the Spanish capital are already betting on introducing this system in their rooms and thus increasing security in the event of an event. Within these places such as discos, concert halls or theaters, the exposure is greater due to the risk of fire due to the presence of large electronic devices and the susceptibility of terrorist attack.

The difference: Stonex service

Stonex It is the company responsible for the integration of these intelligent emergency lighting systems in public buildings. Thanks to its commitment to work only with premium manufacturers, it offers a differentiated service that includes the integral design of the lighting project and personalized advice. With more than 39 years of experience, the company is a reference in Spain offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architecture sectors; comprising from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stage equipment and premium lighting.

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