Lighting studies RTVE ETC LED technology

ETC illuminates RTVE studies with LED technology

Stonex He has been responsible for the integration of luminaries and dimmers of ETC in several studies of the corporation: a great energy saving and greater precision of color temperature for the main television network in Spain.

Source images: Exhibition Amar Kanwar (27.02.2019 - 19.05.2019), Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. (c) Roberto Ruiz

 The world of Broadcast advances in technological terms unstoppably. Not only in terms of camcorders and screens, a sector that does not stop evolving, but also in terms of lighting.

Television sets require a large amount of general white light to illuminate the faces of people who appear on camera, as well as the rest of the space. Improper lighting can cause from flickeo to an unnatural image. The result is, in short, a transmission in which professionalism is lacking.

Adapting to these technological changes that the sector is experiencing, the corporation decided to make a renovation in the 13 Study in which a completely LED lighting system has been added. For this we opted for products ETC, renowned brand in television lighting.

Stonex has been the company responsible for the implementation and commissioning of an installation of 25 units of Source Four LED Daylight HD Series 2, with those that have been included 25 Source Four LED Fresnel Adapters y 25 pole operated Pan + Tilt system. On the other hand, a total of 36 units of Source Four LED Lustr Series 2Plus 36 Cyclorama adapters and the corresponding units of pole operated Pan + Tilt + Zoom system

Greater energy savings

Choosing the appropriate material to give light to these types of spaces can revert to great benefits such as a greater plasticity of the lighting temperature used, greater ease of electrical installation and an easily adjustable intensity.

These chosen devices are highly versatile and offer the highest quality both in confined spaces, such as the 13 study, and in large sets, see the last edition of Eurovision where they offered general white light.

But undoubtedly the biggest benefit is in the economic and energy savings of using the new LED technology. Thanks to the low consumption, it can be said that RTVE's 13 Study has incurred a saving of 10 to 1 with respect to the expense that it would have to continue operating entirely with conventional lighting.

A total of 10 cabinets were also included Dimmer Sensor3 of 96 channels in the 1, 2 and 3 RTVE studios that feature tungsten lighting. Modules were added for proper operation. Thru-Power ETR25AFR y ED50AFR.

“With the incorporation of the LED material for TV of the most advanced technology of ETC, RTVE with the 13 Studio, it has become a model for future updates to LEDs in other TV studios, ”says Juan Carlos Pascual, Brand Manager of ETC at Stonex.

Transition to the LED with ETC

ETC products have been placed on the market as the spearhead in the transition to LED that we have been living for a few years.

Its demanding manufacturing process allows ETC to offer a warranty of up to 10 years on the LED chip. The Source Four LED range is synonymous with a new aspect in the lighting sector that tells us about low-rotation and stable equipment in the market, and that translates into a commitment to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and large industry profitability for the companies that acquire them.

The implementation of this new installation was a work of Stonex, official supplier of ETC in Spain. “The RTVE corporation has been working with STONEX for more than 30 for years, always responding to the needs that have arisen, with highly qualified professionals who provide great added value to the proposals and projects that have been undertaken,” he says. Jesus Partridges, Head of Engineering and Lighting Support at RTVE.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor ETC, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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