The Movecat motors chosen by the main event and rental companies in Spain

The companies in charge of giving life to the main shows of the Spanish geography rely on the Movecat motors and their distributor in Spain, Stonex, to complete their catalog in chain hoists.

The strength and robustness of the engines Movecat they have not gone unnoticed in the Spanish market of the entertainment sector. Its exclusive technology translates into small bodies capable of lifting up to 1.250 kilos, opening a world of possibilities for both rental companies and fixed installations in large spaces.

Su VMK model it is defined by its variable speed. This is the feature most applauded by users, as it turns these hoists into highly versatile appliances. They allow you to play with movement and save time and money in the assemblies, where it is no longer necessary to build custom equipment or many personnel.

But undoubtedly, one of the main virtues that stand out the companies that have acquired equipment Movecat is the service and attention offered by Stonex, official supplier of the German brand in Spain. The company has 39 years of experience as a national reference in the sector of professional lighting and scenic engineering and a commercial network that covers the entire national territory.

Great musicals in Madrid


D8 Plus and VMK engines from Movecat They work in large productions in our country. It is the case of the musical The doctor in the New Apollo Theater. For this assembly an arsenal of motors has been required, provided by the rental company Spika and the producer of the musical, Written in the stars. Matías Carbia, Acting Technical Director throughout the assembly process of this musical, assures that “its versatility was decisive for the choice, in addition to its variable speed and category C1 SIL3”.

Instead of having to build custom engines with drum and cable that have a certain speed to move the sets and also work silently, the company opted for chain hoists Movecat. The investment has turned out to be a saving of time, material and personnel, in addition to offering greater security than conventional equipment.

From Written in the stars is already working on his next big musical, The pillars of the earth, which will be released in Madrid worldwide at 2020. "It is good luck to have the Movecat material and be able to use it in other spaces and projects", adds Matías.

Anastasia Movecat The javier naval rigging loom

Thanks to the profitability it offers for complex assemblies, we can find these engines in other great theaters of the Spanish capital. Currently part of the musical assembly Anastasia in the Coliseum Theater. Here there are several units of hoists loaned by The Rigging Loom. "We like the philosophy of Movecat with the control and assembly of products in your factory. We agreed with the distribution of Stonex at a national level and especially the direct deal with Ginés Caballero, his expert in rigging, "he says. Carlos González de la Fuente, technical manager of the company that, above all, highlights the quality of the product.

Movecat motors in the cradle of the party

Pacha Ibiza 2

Their resistance makes them a highly profitable material for fixed installations, such as the spectacular space Pachá Ibiza, which has several units of chain and control hoists Movecat. Toni Torres, technical director of the space, after studying the market and detecting the lack of regulations that exist in Spain, he decided on these engines. "A product with a correct certification from a correctly regulated country offered us guarantees that other manufacturers could not satisfy," says Torres.

"We had a great reform in which the time of technical installations was reduced to a couple of weeks, with this system we made a lot of progress when installing everything," he says.

One of the main characteristics that Toni emphasizes is its reduced size and the load capacity that they offer with respect to the competition. "The controls are very intuitive and the system responds with great precision," he continues.

It is a robust product, which offers possibilities for multiple assemblies and jobs. Its long durability ensures years of work and maximum performance. "It is a great investment like any top quality equipment, we have been with them for two years and we have no doubt that the payback period of this product will be very long, so it is a very good investment."

Saving time at festivals

Serafin weekend beach something sounds

In addition, it is a versatile tool in temporary assemblies, especially in festivals. Since Something sounds, Seraph Jaime, responsible for the company, decided to acquire these engines and since then he has used them in numerous assemblies such as Weekend Beach, Cabo Festival silver o No Music Festival. "It is a good and quality engine. It is small, silent and robust, and thanks to its double brake gives us greater security. " The confidence that Something sounds deposit in Stonex as an official distributor, it was decisive when making the investment, "and the ease of management and support offered by a distributor in Spain", expands.

Alonso and alonso MAPS

"We decided on the engines of Movecat because we like the brand and we wanted to work with D8 Plus because it gave us more security, "he says. Suso Alonso de Alonso and Alonso, who have recently worked with these engines in the Gastronomic Fair Gastrocanarias and South Atlantic Performing Arts Market, both in the Canary archipelago.

"We were clear that we wanted to work with D8Plus. In Spain the legislation is not very strict, but we work with German companies and other nationalities and the material must be in accordance with the regulations of these countries, "adds Suso. "It costs much less to do the certifications when they ask us for motors," he continues, "but above all it is due to a personal choice, to sleep peacefully."

Use the products of Movecat avoids having to have secondary security systems. This is especially useful in work done in ceilings or other spaces where it is difficult to access or there is no space to place a secondary security system.

Stonex Service

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Movecat, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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