Soruce Four LED Mini ETC illuminate the Thyssen

The ETC Source Four LEDs illuminate the Thyssen

A total of 19 mini ETC cuts provided by Stonex have been used in the assembly of The room of the seeds of Amar Kanwar in which an accent lighting was required, adjustable and trimmed, with the illuminator Carlos Alzueta for its start-up.

During the months of February to May the Museo Thyssen Bornemisza has welcomed the work of the artist and filmmaker delhiense Amar Kanwar, characterized by taking elements of the nature of their native country and using them as an activist proposal. His work focuses on the concepts of nature, landscape, climate and human presence, criticizing the current state of politics and the lack of justice.

Kanwar's work is made up of the facilities Testimonios Relámpago and El Soberano Forest. Within the latter was `The Seed Room 'in which numerous species of rice were collected, carefully categorized and organized in small boxes. This room needed for its illumination of a dim light that affected the supports and the rice creating an intimate atmosphere.

Source Four Mini: a classic of museographic lighting


For this work, 19 units of the Source Four LED Mini at the request of the artist himself, based on his experience in other replicas of this same exhibition in different parts of the world. The installation featured the illuminator Carlos Alzueta, specialized in theatrical and museum lighting work. “Amar Kanwar is an artist and film director with deep knowledge of lighting and was especially interested in using the Source Four LED Mini de ETC. Interest more than justified by the type of light you need in your facilities, very precise and adjustable. ", Says Alzueta.

For mounting the lighting, Alzueta had generic instructions that accompanied the work, about the mechanics of the assembly, anchors or claw type. It was completed with an own investigation of visual references on other exhibitions of the artist to visualize the result that was looked for. The use of Source Four LED Mini de ETC It allowed to regulate the lighting that each element received, both at a light level and in extension. "In general, the possibility of focusing and trimming the light is always a very interesting option in museum lighting."

The next phase of the installation was the design with a CAD program of the entire assembly result in the Thyssen Bornemisza. "The projection distance to the walls of the equipment room was determined and the angle of the optics was confirmed, in this case 50º, and the number of devices needed to cover the entire work on the wall," continues Alzueta.

The artist's gaze

Amar Kanwar He also intervened in the lighting process determining the level of blur that the fixtures should have, as well as the final adjustment of the luminaire. "The work did not require maximum illuminances for conservation reasons, but we did work with combinations of neutral filters of different densities to adjust the light from the projectors."

For the placement of the cuttings the peculiar disposition of the samples of rice was taken into account, arranged in small boxes that were placed in the walls forming parallel rows, calculating the size of the shade thrown by each one so that it did not interfere in the aesthetics final.

The decision to have LED lighting, reversed in a saving of energy consumption, as well as in the time used for the electrical installation, which was simplified.

Transition to the LED with ETC


"I know the range Source Four de ETC. They are a standard in Spain in the theatrical lighting, and also the range Source Four LED. Its main advantage is its theatrical DNA, which has been more than contrasted on stages around the world, demanding environments ”, says the illuminator Carlos Alzueta on the range of devices used.

Regarding the moment of transition to the LED that we are experiencing, he adds: “Taking into account the European restrictions on incandescence and halogen, the present of museum lighting is already practically LED in all reference exhibition spaces, and the theatrical heritage from the range Source Four LED It is his main virtue. "

The devices ETC They have an exceptional guarantee of 10 years on the LED chip, in addition to a manufacturing process in which only those materials that have shown optimum strength and durability are chosen. "It is presupposed in ETC capacity and experience for the development of lighting materials with very high quality standards and to lead the change towards the LED and the color control that we have been experimenting for some years now ”, concludes Carlos Alzueta.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor ETC, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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