Lighting and control premium, indispensable 2019

A selection of the most relevant novelties in the panorama of spectacular lighting and scenic mechanics according to the experts of the leading brands in the sector.

The market is crowded with options that may seem similar, even within the catalog of the same brand. However, knowing in detail what are the essentials in a scenic space or the best solution for large shows, becomes a task where it is difficult to decide. Great representatives of some of the most leading firms bring us a reference of the products that during this year have stood out for their design, quality and performance.


One of the novelties with which he has surprised in the last edition of Prolight + Sound has been the Mini-B, a reduced version of their most popular wash heads, the series A.LEDA B-EYE. Its small body -30cm- and lightweight - just 6.5kg- allow easy assembly especially in spaces where the ceiling height is low. Thanks to its double beam and wash function, it is suitable for multiple spaces and types of shows. The Mini-B is a versatile head that has an unbeatable quality-price ratio with which Claypaky consolidates its offer for medium-sized companies.



Among the new heads that has launched on the market in recent months highlights Levante. With a compact body and a weight of 22kg, it is the perfect wash for small spaces or touring shows in which you have to move a lot of material from one place to another. Thanks to its blades the Levante is positioned even in more classical spaces such as the theater, where it is necessary to cut the beam of light to frame objects and people.


MA Lighting

Among all the new formats that have seen the light with the launch of the new generation of MA, one of the big bets is the GrandMA3 Compact XT. Its high capacity of work together with two large touch screens make it an ideal choice for the vast majority of shows and spaces whether large or small. With an average size, a great manageability to travel and to move it from one place to another, it is a winning option for both companies and freelances.

ma lighting compact


It is the brand specialized in theatrical lighting par excellence, which has also gained ground quickly in the television field. A star product is undoubtedly its already iconic range of cuts in LED version, the powerful Source Four LED. With this family, ETC has been able to offer an innovative product and at the same time a transit option for those who already had a provision of conventional luminaires thanks to their interchangeable optics.

This range has become a Spearhead for the transition to LED since it began to be implemented in the market three years ago. With its guarantee of 10 years in the LED chip is one of the brands that offer more security in the purchase decision, especially in the case of large and medium-sized spaces, also offering the range ColorSource for smaller spaces.

As for its consoles, highlights the compact Gio @ 5 where versatility and ease of use come together to offer complete and intuitive control that works in large and small spaces. Thanks to its small size it facilitates its use in tours and other types of itinerant shows and it is even a good option for freelances who decide to acquire their own console and use it in different places.

ETC SourceFourLED


The German brand is here to stay, especially with its D8 + range. Its engines are synonymous with differentiation and its users highlight its double brake or the possibility of working with a variable speed. It is an extremely versatile tool, capable of working in a multitude of different events: from musicals to corporate events and installations. Thanks to its exclusive technology, Movecat has managed to offer resistant and robust motors with compact body that work with loads of up to 1000kg -PROStage + 1000- with a very small size, which makes it one of the best options for installations and rentals.

Movecat d8 1000


Undoubtedly one of the highlights of this brand is its new P1 Mini LED which includes an RGB halo. With a small size, it is a powerful luminaire capable of transforming spaces creating unique atmospheres. It surpasses its older brother, the P1, in energy saving and versatility. It continues to offer a vintage aesthetic while allowing to achieve new aesthetics with the inclusion of cool colors.

P1mini portman

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of the referenced brands, among other well-known firms. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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