Stage | Set | Scenery summons one more year to the professionals of the entertainment with the novelties of the sector

The latest technological trends in the field of mechanics and stage lighting will be present in Messe Berlin the next 18, 19 and 20 June in a conference accompanied by conferences and opportunities for commercial exchange

Right at the beginning of the season in which more events take place, comes the celebration of the new edition of Stage | Set | Scenery. This international fair combines product exhibition with an intense program of conferences, focused mainly on propagating the technological innovations that currently affect the theater, cinema and entertainment sector in general.

Among its exhibitors we can find different brands specialized in scenic mechanics, architectural design, audio and video softwares, and specialized products in museum and event equipment as well as lighting equipment. The brands represented by Stonex will be present in this edition of Set | Stage | Scenery which aims to be a meeting point for professionals who want to learn about new developments in theatrical lighting, live shows and events.

The most outstanding brand in the theatrical and television field, ETC, brings with it novelties in its line of rigging. ETC's revolutionary stage mechanics systems landed in Europe two years ago and this year they are once again revolutionizing the stage mechanics market with the aim of becoming one of the standard systems in the control and mechanization of stage spaces.


They will also be present with their most popular ranges, which include both cut-outs for white general lighting and Source Four LED Daylight as control systems for lighting spaces like theaters or auditoriums like Echo y P. In addition, the brand currently has a newly launched 3D visualization system designed to help illuminators to work spaces with greater freedom.

One of the points that stands out in this event is scenic mechanics. The boom of macro-events has led to an escalation in the popularity of rigging systems that make immense mounts possible. Movecat is the leading brand in terms of engines and controls that has proven its quality thanks to years of development working on the safest equipment in the market. It will be present with its most popular solutions such as the powerful engine D8 Plus or the versatile control EXPERT-T III.


This year the emphasis is on design softwares and 3D visualization both in the architectural terrain and in the design of lighting and scenic spaces. The powerful software will be present in this appointment Vectorworks, which has already positioned itself as one of the standard tools for working 3D with a multitude of professional and academic applications.

On this occasion, MA Lighting will be present with the new generation of the acclaimed grandMA, the new grandMA3. Any fair in which this German brand participates is always a good opportunity for its followers to come and discover new details about their new software.


Set | Stage | Scenery It aims to be a meeting point where industry professionals appreciate lighting innovations that are emerging in the different specialties, from theater to corporate events, through live shows.

As for moving heads, Claypaky will be present at this event showing the news with which surprised in the last edition of Prolight + Sound highlighting especially the new Xtylos, the first beam with laser source. Being able to produce bright and dense beams, the new Xtylos was born to take the designs to the next level of spectacularity.


In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC, Movecat, MA Lighting y Claypaky, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex takes more than 39 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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