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Emergency lighting: Stonex pioneer in offering solutions for the change of regulations in Madrid

The next 7 of May Stonex invites professionals from the sector, engineering and property to an event in which they will review the key points of this new decree on emergency lighting.

The past 2 of April was published in the BOCM Decree 17 / 2019 A change that, between your points, refers to emergency lighting focusing on safety in public buildings. These spaces must bet on an evacuation system with greater autonomy and that is able to provide truthful information about its status in real time.

Before the Dudas that can cause in engineering and properties of spaces of public concurrence -centros commercial, great surfaces or places designed for the leisure like audiences, cinemas or discotecas- Stonex summon a MeetUp professional in which the keys of this new decree will be exposed. An event designed for networking, answer questions and offer solutions to those who are already thinking about how to adapt to this new legal framework. You can sign up here.


As published ANFALUM, with the change of paradigm it is foreseen that some 20.000 emergency lighting equipment will be renewed every year. Many will wonder to what extent the products of the market, in a country where the regulations have been lax, are designed to support this change. The safe option is to look for equipment that offers advantages over regulations, a way to ensure long-term profitability. The most pioneering companies in the sector have been working for years in avant-garde evacuation systems, with intelligent products that offer great flexibility and easy maintenance.

In this event organized by Stonex In collaboration with Eaton, the company of which it is an official partner, possible solutions will be sought with which the spaces will be able to adapt successfully to the 17 / 2019 Decree. A meeting in which to resolve doubts about the regulations and exchange opinions on the future of public spaces for competition in the community.

software_CGLine + _eaton

The meeting will have the participation of EATON. Thanks to years of research and development, the company is at the forefront of the technological revolution in terms of emergency lighting, with exclusive systems designed to create safer spaces for the people who occupy them. One of the most advanced systems on the market is Software CGLine + EATON, able to provide real-time data on the status of the luminaires as well as automatically create a record book, mandatory.

The assistants will be able to know from the hand of experts solutions that combine the quality and development of EATON with the work of integration of Stonex, in addition to understanding better why we are in a moment of change in which the security in the spaces has been established as a priority issue.

In Spain, the company Stonex is a partner of EATON. As a national reference in professional lighting, emergency lighting and stage engineering, Stonex has more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment and architecture; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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