Stonex successfully closes its first event for lighting professionals in Valencia

The past 10 of April, Stonex landed in the Valencian capital with his Stonex Openday Valencia, a meeting point for professionals of the world of lighting where the latest in stage lighting technology was presented.

Last week they met in Da Capo Productions multitude of curious and professionals from the world of lighting in Valencia. On this occasion, Stonex, with more than 39 years of specialization in lighting and professional control, brought to the fore the leading technology that has stood out in Prolight + Sound and that is transforming the way we understand the present and the future of the sector.

During the day the assistants could attend to comparisons between products and demonstrations, as well as to solve their doubts on the novelties that are taking the market of the illumination.

One of the strengths of the event was the specific lighting for television, highlighting the products of ETC, mark that historically has excelled in the theater and whose cuts and control tables are very popular in their use for TV sets. In addition, the latest news with which he has surprised in Prolight + Sound point out that the lighting giant is betting heavily on the Broadcast with the inclusion of LED panels in its catalog, very popular for television and cinema lighting.

El Stonex Openday Valencia It was a meeting point for many professionals in the sector of the Levante region with interest in the renewal of equipment and curiosity about what the premium brands of the market offer. In the field of lighting control, the grandMA3 de MA Lighting It attracted all eyes. It is planned to launch its own software later this year, until then interested parties could see some striking new features such as a friendly design with larger screens, backlit faders and new models available.

The future and cutting-edge technology were the central points of this meeting in which the possibilities of LED with both the family AXCOR de Claypaky as with the most popular moving heads of Ayrton. The new formats also occupied a central space in the Stonex Openday Valencia. The revolutionary concepts of Get the Funds! and Diablo de Ayrton, which contain power and versatility in a tiny size, or Claypaky's new Sharpy Plus, a hybrid focus.

A renewal that is also projected in terms of security. The powerful systems of rigging they gain terrain facilitating mounts in which it is necessary to move very heavy materials and elevate equipment of great value without jeopardizing the safety of the structures and the people who work in them. This event was an occasion in which to resolve doubts about the new systems of ETC Rigging y Movecat, which are already positioning themselves even in classic spaces such as the theater.

Thanks to a personalized attention from the entire Stonex team, visitors were able to acquire a broad vision of the solutions with which to approach this moment of changes facing the lighting sector, always with the best guarantees and quality. of a specialized technical and after-sales service born to make a difference.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC, Claypaky, Ayrton, MA Lighting and Movecat, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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