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Intelligent systems to maintain security in large buildings

Emergency lighting evolves to adapt to different situations of danger. The new available technology allows to indicate several paths with the same luminaire.

With the urban development of the last decades, the environment becomes congested. This fact, added to the amount of risks that can occur in the cities, entails a need to evaluate the way in which the spaces and buildings are safe for the people who pass through them. Concern for safety means taking into account that risk is not a factor that can be controlled and that it can depend on the lives of many people.

Today the owners are faced with the need to adapt the way in which the evacuation of the building is managed. For this, a flexible and efficient system is necessary, which allows us to have control at all times in situations of risk and panic. Innovation in the field of building safety must be a constant for those companies or owners of places of public attendance that put the security and control of their building first. Nowadays, the market adapts to the needs by offering solutions at the forefront of the emergency lighting sector, such as the Matrix luminaire CGLine + and its Software.


The evacuation of a building in case of an event is complex, especially in large areas where the occupants are not familiar with the location of the exits or the evacuation procedures. In crowded places, not having an evacuation plan intuitive enough can cause crushing or crowding, multiplying the consequences of the initial danger. Some buildings with high risk are train stations, airports and hospitals, shopping complexes and large concert halls and leisure spaces such as nightclubs.

The system of Adaptive Evacuation developed by EATON, Which Stonex it is a technological partner, it allows to direct the occupants of a building where there is a risk to different places according to the location of the danger and the different possible evacuation routes. In this way, the same luminaire can indicate two different directions or even block a road, adapting to the risk and available routes.


Software to optimize emergency lighting

In these spaces, the existence of numerous distractions, as in the case of shopping centers or airports, or the type of lighting in the case of large rooms and discotheques, may cause the signaling indicating the evacuation route not to be clearly perceived or do not even get the attention of the occupants. The risks are a slow or poorly directed evacuation to unsafe places.

With the software CGLine + Different scenarios can be programmed so that when an emergency occurs, we must simply analyze where the risk is and activate the optimal scenario for that situation. It is especially interesting as a solution for those who bet on innovation and tools that, although today are the vanguard, will soon be the norm for their effectiveness in the task of keeping people safe.

Places such as concert halls, discotheques or auditoriums, where lighting is scarce and there are multiple distractions and cakes of people; airports and train stations where accidents or even attacks may happen; shopping centers or large buildings in which a complex structure means that the occupants can lose orientation or go all to the same exit, are the buildings in which to start this technological career that will allow us to be at the forefront in terms of security systems in the world.

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Stonex guarantee for system integration

Stonex is a company specialized in integrating different professional lighting systems, from control to lighting spaces, through emergency lighting. The company has 39 years of experience in handling complex control systems and professional lighting formed by a large number of devices. Thanks to its experience in the field of control and spectacular and architectural lighting (of large surfaces and highly complex systems), it is positioned in the field of emergency lighting, which implies simpler systems, but equally requested in the market of the construction and engineering.

In Spain, the company Stonex is a partner of EATON among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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