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Ten great lighting designers to commemorate International Women's Day

Stage lighting has always been a place where the woman feels comfortable. Here we introduce you to some of the most relevant contemporary female lighting designers.

Many might not know the history of lighting design has its roots on the work of a single woman: Jean Rosenthal. She was in charge of establishing on 1942 the general lines of what is considered as stage lighting design. Previously the lighting job on a play was up to the theatre director or the stage designer.

Rosenthal had worked on over 85 lighting designs for great Broadway's musicals. After her, Tharon Musser would make an appearance, and many other women, setting down their role in the industry. Thanks to the pioneers, today lighting design is a high reputation artistic discipline.

They were the first, but not the last. On the occasion of International Women's Day, from Stonex, a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, we share the names of some great female lighting designers that keeps making history in the sector.


Paloma Parra

Designer and lighting technician from 1998, received the MAX Award to the Best Lighting Design for his work on the job The dark stone in 2016. She designs for numerous productions and currently holds the position of Technical Director at the Pilar Bardem Auditorium.

Illuminator Paloma Parra. Source:

Lola Barroso

She started in the stage world as a dancer and soon was captivated by the work of lighting. Now, with more than 18 years of experience in the sector, he has done lighting works for theater, dance, opera and musicals, among others. Your design for Furious Scandinavia received the MAX Award for the Best Lighting Design in 2018.

Illuminator Lola Barroso. Source:

Fabiana Piccioli

Your lighting work for the work Aakash Odedra Company's Echoes it was worth the ETC Award Knight of Illumination Award in the Dance category. Fabiana has harvested the majority of her experience with the company Akram Khan of which she was technical director and lighting designer for 8 years. In his career as a Freelance he has worked in designs for important dance companies, theaters and operas.

Illuminator Fabiana Piccioli. Source:

Jennifer tipton

She began her career in the world of lighting at XNUMX with her design for the Broadway play Our Town . Eight years later, at XNUMX, she won her first Tony Award Best Lighting Design for her job on the play The Cherry Orchard. Ever since then she has gained success and various awards such as Drama Desk Award Outstanding Lighting , which she has won in four occasions.

Illuminator Jennifer Tipton. Source:

Natasha Katz

The successful lighting designer has XNUMX Tony Award Best Lighting Design on her behalf, three musicals and three plays, and has been nominated XNUMX times. Her career began during XNUMX when she lit the play Pack of Lies . Form that moment she has worked in about XNUMX Broadway musicals, as well as theater plays, dance, film and television.

Illuminator Natasha Katz. Source: IBDB Broadway Database

Paule Constable

On of the most well known fmale lighting designers with a very prolific career. Her work has earned her several awards such as the Tony,the Drama Desk , the New York Critics Circle , and two Knights of Illumination Her work has been developed mainly in the fields of theater, dance and opera.

Illuminator Paule Constable. Source:

Suzan Tillotson

Her specialty is the lighting of architectural spaces: auditoriums, museums, schools, offices ... With over XNUMX years of experience, in XNUMX she founded Tilloston Design Associates and has won several awards since then by matching lighting design with architecture and the study of different materials. In XNUMX she was namedLighting Designer of the Year.

Illuminator Suzan Tillotson. Source:

Peggy Eisenhauer

She began her career in XNUMX with Broadway's musical Song and Dance , where she collaborated with Jules Fisher. Thence she has worked profusely as a lighting designer in theater and film with a total of XNUMX designs for Broadway spectacles. She owns three Tony awards and two Drama Desk.

Illuminator Peggy Eisenhauer. Source: IBDB Broadway Database

Pat collins

He made his debut in the world of lighting with the work Threepenny Opera in 1976 and only 10 years later he picked up his first Tony Award Best Lighting Design with I'm Not Rappaportand Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lighting Design by Execution of Justice. In his curriculum we find more than 30 works for Broadway works in addition to numerous designs for theater and opera.

Illuminator Pat Collins. Source:

Ziggy Jacobs

A multidisciplinary illuminator whose work ranges from theater and opera to corporate events, puppet and children's shows with a long etcetera in between. She completes her professional work teaching courses and lectures on lighting and as a consultant. Your work in Remembrant of Things Past he was awarded the Prize Michael Northen Bursary.

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