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The powerful controls and motors of Movecat showed their strength in the Madrid Fashion Week

Movecat's powerful Touring Rack II has recently been awarded for its novel design and functionality

Movecat, the brand specialized in scenic mechanical lifting systems is known for being a quality reference worldwide. The past 8 of February its new product, the Touring Rack II, received in Frankfurt the German Design Award in the category "Excellent Product Design Entertainment " that values ​​different scenic and audiovisual equipment. But this is not the first prize that this product receives. Last year he was awarded the PIPA international prize at Prolight + Sound, again in the city of Frankfurt. The CEO of Movecat, Andrew Abele is proud of the fact: "we are naturally delighted that this pioneering product has received even more recognition" commented Andrew Abele, CEO of the company Movecat.

An example of the power of this new control has been the days of the Mercedes Benz Madrid Fashion Week last January in which two units of the Touring Rack II - 24 were used in the assembly. The technical preparation of the event, which took place at IFEMA , ran from the account of Fluge Instalaciones. To support and raise the heavy structures in which the entire lighting system deployed for the event was inserted, these new controls were relied upon, capable of safely moving all the necessary structure and facilitating the mounting of luminaires in the upper part of the pavilion .

Maximum quality

Scenic mechanics systems Movecat, distributed in Spain by Stonex, they are widely recognized in the audiovisual sector, with numerous products designed according to the current European regulations to favor first and foremost the safety of people and the technical team. The robust motors of Movecat, among others, were in charge of supporting the structure and giving it the necessary movement. For this, 61 units of the D8 +: Up Plus 320-4-HE-18b were used, which stand out for their reliability, robustness and simple handling, which we have already seen in action in the musical The doctor, where they make possible the continuous change of scenography.  


Within a market in which the regulatory framework is increasingly strict, it is important to have a team that gives maximum security in all types of assemblies, whether for public events or conventions, with a static assembly, or scenic spaces where the rhythm of the assembly is accelerated and dynamic. The work of rigging not only must have experts in the field of safety, but also must be used only those engines, trusses and chains that guarantee the strength and stability of the structure.

movecat touring rack

A winning option

Products such as the Touring Rack II are ideal for this type of events in large spaces, reducing assembly time and generally speeding up the entire process. In addition, its new compact design, mounted on wheels, facilitates the transport of this powerful control that already stands out worldwide against other products on the market. The motor control was completed with two MPC controls 8ED8.

According to the opinion of the jury of German Design Award The Touring Rack II is an "all in one" product that stands out above its kind. It has compact body, its use is intuitive, its ergonomic design and is designed in compliance with safety standards. The jury has also highlighted the intelligent features included in this secure version of the Touring Rack, the ability to connect different racks in a single system, make the difference between this and other controls in the market.

Movecat's All-in-One Touring Rack II is designed to comply with the EN 60204-32, EN 13849-1 and VDE 0113 standards. It combines all the components required in a compact control with a body capable of absorbing shocks and thus extend the life of a team traveling continuously, counting on the quality of the Movecat products.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Movecat, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 39 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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