A moving head Levante de Ayrton

Ayrton presents Levante, a new luminaire even smaller and more powerful

The French brand, represented in Spain by Stonex, completes its line of moving heads with Levante, a wash reduced in size.

The inclusion of LED devices in the different spaces is transforming the lighting market. Now that power and size are not exclusive values, premium brands in the sector continue to launch increasingly compact and versatile heads, offering solutions for a multitude of spaces.

This is the case of the new Get the Funds!, an ultra-compact mobile head that Ayrton, brand distributed in Spain by Stonex, has launched from the same concept that already used with the Bora. Levante is available in two versions, Stage and True Color, as is customary in the brand, to meet the expectations of illuminators in many different areas, from the inside to the outside, from rock 'n roll to the theater. On the one hand, its S version, specially designed for use in stage lighting, has a powerful light output of up to 20.000 lumens. On the other hand, its TC version includes a CRI superior to 90, specially designed for those uses in which color is the main element, as for example in theatrical performances.


But the highlight of Levante is undoubtedly its size -22kg- which makes it an ideal focus for medium and small spaces, or ephemeral installations where you need to transport a lot of material quickly. In addition to its light body, the differentiating elements of this focus are a light power comparable to that of heavier heads and beam angle, between 6.3º and 58º, which will allow it to be used in very different designs and types of show, to bathe large surfaces or highlight specific spaces.  

In addition, Levante includes a system of framing by blades, becoming a versatile tool for very diverse spaces, from concert halls to theaters, and also for lighting buildings or monuments.


This powerful wash is capable of producing powerful beam uniforms so that you can cover large surfaces with the same color, or with a mixture of several. With Levante, Ayrton complements its offer of LED moving heads, in which there are solutions for all types of spaces. Some of its products, such as the powerful Ghibli, are already present in numerous shows, such as the musical productions El Médico and Anastasia, and enjoy great popularity among illuminators from around the world.

In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of Ayrton, among other well-known brands. As a national reference in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 38 years of experience offering integral solutions for the sectors of entertainment, entertainment, architecture and emergency lighting; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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