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Stonex present in IED Luce 2019 with its emergency lighting and control solutions

One more year, the company specialized in lighting systems control and integration attends this event where design and light come together.

One more year, the company specialized in lighting systems control and integration attends this event where design and light come together.

The Higher Design Center IED Madrid Máster once again hosts the IEDLuce event that organizes with the AAI and APDI with the aim of calling manufacturers and lighting professionals while serving as a meeting point for all those people interested in the sector who want to know new ways to transmit with light. This year under the slogan "The narrative of light" the fair hosts a total of 31 brands and expects to receive some 250 visitors throughout the day.
To the appointment the next 7 of February will come some personalities of the design of the lighting, the design and the architecture, as visitors and as speakers. The poster highlights the presence of Ben Busche, the person in charge of the Christmas illumination of the Gran Vía of Madrid "Lucía in the Sky" inspired by the space nebulae. The event will be open to the public from the 12.00 to the 21.00 at the IED Master's office (C / Larra nº 14, Madrid).
This year, Stonex focuses its space on emergency lighting and control of professional lighting, two systems that can be integrated to make spaces for professionals or large crowds smarter and safer.


Among its products, it stands out the Adaptive Evacuation system designed by EATON that allows to modify the position of its signaling depending on the place where the risk is. Thus, the same signal can indicate different evacuation routes or block an exit.
This innovative tool allows to program different scenarios in which the evacuation route changes, thus being able to anticipate, for example, a blockage of the main exits or an incident in the middle of an escape route. The heart of this system is the software that allows you to quickly view the status of the batteries and know if they are functional or if there has been a failure in them or in the power supply.

On the other hand, the well-known professional lighting control system ECHO Touch by ETC will be present, which allows to easily handle a large installation of luminaires in professional spaces such as theaters or auditoriums. It is a form of innovative control that works to integrate different devices and luminaires and allows maximum use of lighting installations with intelligent operation. In this line, Stonex will also go with Eaton's iLight solution for professional lighting control in spaces.
For those interested in the lighting of their entertainment line Stonex will come with the innovations of its most powerful brands in show: Ayrton, Claypaky and ETC, offering versatile solutions in LED lighting, the protagonist of the moment.

Stonex is a company specialized in integrating different professional lighting systems, from control to lighting spaces, through emergency lighting. The company has 38 years of experience in managing complex control systems formed by a large number of devices, with complex control coming into play. Now, thanks to its experience in the field of spectacular and architectural control (of large surfaces and highly complex systems), it is home to the field of emergency lighting, which involves simpler systems, but equally sought after in the construction and construction market. engineering.
In Spain, the company Stonex is an official distributor of ETC, Claypaky, Ayrton and partner of EATON among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting and stage engineering, Stonex brings more than 38 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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