MA Lighting launches its new exclusive software for MA3, only part of everything the system will offer

This release joins the latest MA2 software update in which we can now store our show in Mode3. Total connectivity between the tables of the leading brand in lighting control.
We can only glimpse a small part of the many possibilities that MA Lighting opens with its new MA3 series. With this first software we approach what will be in the future the most powerful and versatile table management on the market.
Stonex made his presentation of the new MA3 last week during the conference Understanding Fluge, in which the assistants could know so much the novelties that will suppose this software for the flow of work like the different formats in which it presents the new console (full-size, light, compact and compact XT)


The software is designed to meet all the needs, present and future, of lighting control in large shows. It is born with a renewed interface, more ergonomic but just as complete. Users can now customize the workspace, incorporating options and favorite effects in a simple way, or editing the display of the screens. This translates into more flexibility for the most demanding jobs.
MA3 also offers great versatility in the configuration of playback options, which can now be assigned to any button, fader or encoder. A novelty designed to achieve maximum efficiency by programming. In addition, the screen now contains two modes, day and night, to offer optimal visibility in both outdoor and indoor events.


An important novelty, highlighted during its presentation in Madrid, is that with this software MA3 allows us to work with the same show in various scenarios or with several operators in the same scenario. Thus, MA reaffirms itself as a leading product for large events that require complex programming, such as festivals.
All this is combined with general improvements in all processes, faster operation and clearer visualization. Just one part of everything that MA3 promises to offer us in the future with the next updates of its software. The novelty joins the latest software update for MA2 in which, in addition to the corresponding improvements, highlights the possibility of saving files in Modo3 so that we can keep all the work done with the previous version of MA.

In Spain, Stonex It's official distributor MA Lighting, among other well-known brands. With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, it is the national reference company in professional lighting and stage engineering. It offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use.
If you want to download the new software for MA2 and MA3, click here.

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