Anastasia show

Clay Paky, Ayrton, ETC, Portman, MA Lighting and Movecat present in the great musicals that arrive in Spain

The main theaters of Madrid welcome the distinguished names of the contemporary musical and have the best products on the market for lighting

Broadway comes to the Coliseum Theater in Madrid from Broadway Anastasia. The legend of the lost daughter of the Romanovs who in the search to find their roots travel from decadent post-imperialist Russia to the vibrant Paris of the twenties. For this occasion, the installation of lighting and sound has been carried out by Fluge Audiovisuales and its lighting design is the work of the American Donald Holder.
The lighting has had numerous products of the brand ETC, specialized in theatrical lighting. A total of 20 Source Four PAR MCM have their place on the stage. It is a powerful solution that ensures energy savings with each use and has the quality of the optics of the Source Four series. The perfect atmosphere is achieved thanks to the versatility of 20 Source Four LED Series 2 Lustr with a palette of 7 colors that includes lime green and a more intense red, an option to achieve an incredible richness of bright colors. The Source Four Revolution are responsible for giving mobile light to the show. This focus, equipped with zoom, dimmer and pan movements of 540º and 270º tilt is a silent solution of the Source Four Zoom range. In control, two GIO tables of the same brand, compact, easy to transport and designed to offer maximum versatility in large shows.

West-Side-Story --- low

West Side Story It is a classic of musicals. Since its premiere at 1957 it has garnered numerous successes and now it arrives at the Teatro Calderón with a staging that leaves no one indifferent thanks to the lighting design of Carlos Torrijos (AAI) and Juan Gómez Cornejo (AAI) in the hands of Proyect- Art. The Shakespearean story of Romeo and Juliet transported to New York, where the Montagues and the Capulets are transformed into two street gangs fighting for control of the streets.
In the lighting design, a total of 22 Ghiblis of Ayrton, an LED spot with blades and a power of 23.000 lumens that produces a white light of 7.500k. It is equipped with a zoom between 7º and 56º and a selection of effects and gobos that is born from the collaboration with professional illuminators to meet their needs. Its CMY color mixing system and its variable CTO combine with a six-position color wheel to achieve an infinity of vibrant colors and pastel shades. For the control they have the grandMA2 Light, an option to save space without skimping on power, offering the highest quality that guarantees MA Lighting.

El-doctor --- low

Finally, The doctor the last 17 of October was premiered at the Teatro Nuevo Apolo in Madrid. The work is based on the novel of the same name by Noah Gordon. Set in the XI century, tells the story of Rob J. Cole, an orphan who after years of traveling as a peddler of pain remedies, decides to undertake a trip to Persia to become a doctor.
The musical is produced by Pablo Martínez with Spika and Escrito en las Estrellas, with music by composer Iván Macías and lighting design by Luis Perdiguero, counting, among others, with the best brands in the market: Ayrton, ClayPaky, Portman and MA Lighting
For a special occasion, exceptional material is required. 17 Ghiblis from Ayrton are responsible for putting color and precision with its powerful spot and framing with blades, in combination with 14 AXCOR 300 Wash Clay Paky, that have a zoom of between 5.5º and 42º, and produce a wide range of uniform colors that manage to create the perfect atmosphere, from the cold London of the XI century to the Persian exoticism. In addition, in this production they have had a total of nine P2 Hexaline Portman, a unique and attractive flexible luminaire that offers the possibility of being used assembled, isolated or as a matrix. Finally, the control is the Light version of the popular grandMA2 of MA Lighting, an always safe bet for a staging in which nothing can fail. For its part, the robust engines VMK-S II 500 with control unit V-Motion 40E, VMK-s II 250 with V-Motion 30E, PLUSlite 500 and UPplus 320 of Movecat are in charge of mobilizing the material of set design with the that is managed to transport us from the dark English markets to the dunes and Persian palaces, all controlled with an I-Motion Basic C II of the same brand.

In Spain, Stonex It's official distributor CLAY PAKY, MA Lighting, Ayrton, ETC, Portman y Movecat among other well-known brands. With more than 35 years of experience in the sector, it is the national reference company in professional lighting and stage engineering. It offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including from the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use.

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