Mira Digital brings the power of the LED to its maximum exponent with two spectacular works in show and theater.

The Murcian company launched two impressive works of lighting in our favorite fields

The power of the LED is the order of the day and there is no better way to demonstrate the value of the new technology than putting it into practice in the hands of the best brands in the lighting market. Mira Digital works as a rental company with the leading products of the market in national and international shows.

Although just born, Clay Paky's AXCOR family is here to stay. Recently awarded at the LDI Las Vegas with the Gold Star Product Award in the category of "Best Line of LED Products", it has proven to be a family designed to cover a broad spectrum of technical and economic needs. It consists of a total of 7 mobile heads designed with cutting-edge technology to meet the expectations of any Clay Paky product.


From the AXCOR 900, the biggest focus of the family, with a power of 46.000 lumens and a zoom between 7º and 40º designed for large stage spaces, up to the three available models of AXCOR 300: Wash, Beam and Spot, the range more compact family, perfect for lighting work in enclosed spaces.

Precisely the AXCOR 300 Spot and Beam have been chosen in this light and color show that took place at the Murcia Circus Theater with a spectacular design by the illuminator Jesús Palazón. A job for which Mira Digital has provided the most innovative and acclaimed in the market.
The AXCOR Spot 300 is a light and compact focus that with a consumption of only 180W produces a white light of 7000k. For its part, the AXCOR Beam 300 produces a clean beam with an 2º aperture and a wheel of 14 colors.

On the other hand, the excellent work of lighting in the representation of Beauty and the Beast of the company Malandin Ballet Biarritz in the Victor Villegas Auditorium of the city of Murcia was responsible for making the stage shine. Great variety of tonalities that caught the viewer, a work for which Mira Digital had the quality of the ETC's Source Four LED range.
The technological revolution comes to the theater in the hands of the leading brand in the sector with the long-awaited step to LED. Greater savings, greater durability and simplicity are some of the improvements that do not go unnoticed by the illuminators, in addition to the exceptional guarantee - up to 10 years - that ETC offers in its LED devices.

In particular, the Source Four LED Lustr is already a benchmark in LED theatrical lighting. With the possibility of mixing a total of seven colors that include the lime green, the Source Four LED Lustr achieves greater luminosity creating bright and vivid colors, and a better rendering between the spectra of the red and blue colors. Create on the stage unique atmospheres for all kinds of performances without sacrificing the highest quality offered by the brand in all its products.


Mira Digital has a wide range of material for rental of image, sound, photography and lighting aimed at professionals in the sector. In addition, it provides advice and technical support. Their stock ownership allows them to offer very competitive prices suited to any need.

In Spain, Stonex is the official distributor of Clay Paky and ETC, among other well-known brands. As a national benchmark in professional lighting, stage engineering and emergency lighting, Stonex brings more than 38 years of experience offering comprehensive solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors; comprising the design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and premium lighting.

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