Exclusive presentation at El Prado of the first adaptive lighting system Safety Lighting in Spain

The second most visited museum in Madrid opens its doors exclusively to more than 80 attending an event organized by STONEX and EATON.

The evening began with a guided tour by expert historians highlighting the best known works of the museum. The guests, according to the order of arrival, were distributed in groups of 15 to 20 people to enjoy a unique and personalized tour through corridors in which, usually, hundreds of visitors walk. The visit ended in the "Sala de las Muses" where a cocktail awaited the arrival of the guests. The environment became the perfect scenario to carry out the presentation of the first adaptive luminaires in Spain by Jorge Roy, responsible for the line Safety Lighting of Stonex. There, all interested in learning more about the operation of adaptive lighting could see live simulations of the system, as well as the generation of registration books (mandatory by current regulations).



Stonex, experts in the development of control projects and emergency lighting, moves 38 years of experience in the field of professional lighting to the sector safety lighting, offering a portfolio with the most recognized brands in the market. Synonymous with innovation, service and quality, Stonex is committed to the innovative adaptive lighting system of great versatility and flexibility developed by EATON.

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