Eight tutorials in Spanish to start with dot2

[: es] The dot2 from MA is the compact range of modular solutions for lighting control, with advanced functionality and easy operation. Today we bring you the tutorials that MA Lighting has created to facilitate its use and discover new tricks to get the most out of this console.
In the first place we find the dot2 | Tutorials series, designed to start users in this console in a simple way. In addition, dot 2 | Tips & Tricks is a collection of videos that seek to solve the most common doubts in the lighting control community and offer useful tips for the use of dot2 and dot2 onPC software.

Here are some of the tutorials available in its Spanish version and with subtitles:

Dot2 Tutorials:

Getting started: Some basic notions about hardware, instructions to patch the console and save a cue. In this video we also know the different versions of this console and its extensions.

First steps into playbacks: First brushstrokes about group programming, presets and how to save different backing. Learn in just minutes 10 to create selections of colors, gobos, positions, levels of dimmer, etc., in a simple way.

First steps into chaser effects: How to customize the view of the different fixtures, create a chase from a sequence of cues and adjust its speed, fade, address and loop. It also offers instructions to start using the effects of the dot2.

Discover dot2: A general explanation of the different parts of the console, the types of connections it allows, ports and its modular extensions. In this video we find a first approach to the software dot2 3D and dot2 onPC.

dot2 | Tips & Tricks:
A deeper look at the use of dot2 onPC

Programmer time fader: We learn to use the programmer time fader to easily enter the times of fade in the presets for shows. A very simple tool to work the final result of our chase.

Master Speed: We start from about chase and effect of dimmer to work with the tool Master Speed of the button Magic, perfect to customize the speed of our effects and assign it to the different fader.

How to build a symmetric effect: In this video we learn the process to create a symmetrical effect and synchronize it in less than 3 minutes. We start by creating our movement on one side and then change the values ​​of the opposite side from positive to negative to get them to rotate in the opposite direction. Too easy!

How to pause effects: Learn what to do and what not to do. Three simple ways to get your effect paused: using the Master Speed, by means of command or by recording a sequence of balck.

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