The 'Promethe Tour' by Pablo Alborán dazzles with a unique lighting design

MA Lighting and Chauvet have been among the brands selected to illuminate the tour of Malaga.

Pablo Alborán has established himself as one of the most influential Spanish artists of the moment in the entire Spanish-speaking community. To his 29 years hangs the poster of "Sold Out"In almost all his concerts and for an artist of this stature, achieving a shocking live is of vital importance. A show that had its double stop in Madrid, and will soon land in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The person in charge of putting light and color into such a show has been the illuminator Chus Fernández, whose work is repeatedly praised by the international press. With a selection of materials of the best quality, has achieved an unparalleled and personal show. An event in which perfection is key, in order to be repeated dozens of times during the tour, which has 23 stops in Latin America and other 18 in Spanish territory. In close collaboration with Chus, Salvador Moreno was responsible for designing the scenic space. It was determined that in the show, the video, the light and the scenic movement should be in perfect consonance. On this occasion, Fluge has been the company in charge of providing all the audiovisual material that has made the Prometo Tour possible.

The lighting design was composed of a selection of light effects that were concentrated around a rhombus composed of Chauvet's 64 nexus AQ, the matrix and core of all lighting work, also thought of as a mobile scenographic element. In addition, Chus selected different beam and laser to accompany the show, wash to bathe light the stage and blinders of LEDs to create a strobe light. A total of 178 luminaires and 70 effects to make possible a show that fulfills what it promises.

Such work, described by the media as 'spectacular', required the power and versatility of the grandMA2, one of the most coveted products in the professional lighting market in terms of control. The grandMA2 has been designed to provide solutions to those projects that require a complex and sophisticated system. In the words of Chus Fernández, it is one of the best consoles on the market, offering many possibilities in programming.

Designed from the needs of its audience, the grandMA2 has maintained an intuitive interface with the same command line as its predecessor, the 1 Series. At the same time, its software was optimized, obtaining a more comfortable work environment. For a tour of these characteristics and thinking about the need to manipulate so many synchronized devices, the Full Size It seemed the winning bet. An especially powerful table that allows to work not only with conventional or mobile light, but also with different means and LED accessories.
For its part, the Nexus AQ 5 × 5 from Chauvet made up the panel of pixel mapping selected by Chus to form the diamond or matrix around which the entire lighting design was organized. Thanks to its 25 RGBW quad-LEDs, the Nexus AQ are capable of producing beams narrows of beautiful colors. Its versatility also allows it to be used as a color wash, blinding or surface for the purposes of pixel mapping. In the case of the 'Prometto Tour' the Nexus AQ have been used to create the effects of pixel mapping, illuminating with different colors the center of the scenic space and thus achieving both intimate and frantic environments. An unparalleled show that continues its passage through Spain until the end of this year.

Photos courtesy of Juan Fajardo / The Fly Factory [:]

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