At Stonex we launch new MA Lighting course dates for 2018

2018 arrives loaded with courses of MA Lighting, the next months of January and March we return with the training program. This time, with triple date in the crosshairs.

At Stonex, we opened the doors of the training center once again to bring together technicians and professionals from the lighting industry interested in expanding their knowledge in the management of the control tables of the well-known brand MA Lighting.
This training program is aimed at profiles of all levels, where they can learn from the most basic functions, to the domain of the console and its practical application. In this way, the Stonex training center will bring together different professionals from the sector during the months of January and March.
Level 1 - MA on PC Command Wing Training
- 16 for January
- 22 for January
- March 19
Level 2 - Grand MA2 user Training
- 17 and 18 for January
- 23 and 24 for January
- 20 and 21 for March

The 1 level: MA on PC commang Wing Training is oriented and designed so that the operator knows the most basic functions of the control. The duration of this course will be a single day, in which the user will be introduced to the basic aspects of the console.
While the 2 level: GrandMA User Training is aimed at operators with advanced knowledge of the 1 level or users of the Grand MA2 consoles. These days will last two days, in which the user will enter more technical knowledge of the MA Lighting consoles.
To be able to offer better attention and more personalized sessions to the participants of the course, places will be limited. The inscription to the course will include lunch and the food in the days used for the courses and the schedules will be of 9: 30 to 17: 30. In case these could be modified the attendees will be informed previously.
The courses will be held at the Stonex offices located at C / Cuclillo 5-Madrid (Metro Oporto) from 9.30 to 17.30, with lunch break. The cost of the course includes both lunch and dinner.
Everyone who is interested can register Here

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