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At Stonex, we are always trying to improve and, with the desire to provide the best service to all our customers, we have decided to create a new support page where you can consult and find all the information and technical product resources of brands such as MA Lighting or ETC. Thanks to our Stonex team, on this page you can access the latest software updates, video tutorials and technical resources without having to search the Internet through the different channels.
Technical sheets, latest catalogs, official forums of brands, video tutorials, downloads of the latest software for updating your tables ... and much more.
Accessing it is very simple, we have created a direct access from the menu of the main page of Stonex.


Once on the support page, the management is very easy. The page is divided into four sections: MALighting, ETC, Calendar of courses and Contact

  • On the MA Lighting tab you will find four sections
  1. Documentation: Where you can access the direct download of technical sheets of the different products, the latest catalogs and user manuals. You will also find direct links to the official Dot2 forums, the MA forum, the MA Fixture Share platform and the official help channel.


  1. Video tutorials: Access to official video tutorials for good management of MA products.


  1. Software downloads: This tab offers you the possibility to download the latest software update of the brand, as well as older versions, in case the flies ????


  1. Courses: And last but not least, the registration form for MA Lighting courses taught by Stonex.
  • The ETC tab is divided into five sections

  1. Documentation: Where you will find direct links to both the EOS and Color Source support pages and the official ETC-Global forum. Apart from direct downloads of tutorials and technical sheets.


  1. Video tutorials: Access to official ETC videotutorials to resolve any doubt about the use of the products.


  1. Software downloads: Thanks to this tab you can download both the latest versions of the software, as well as the previous ones.


  1. Courses: Here you will find the registration form for the ETC courses taught by Stonex


  1. Another resources: In this tab we have included other things that may be of interest, such as direct links to ETC Labs and Pau Fullana's blog.

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In the last two tabs: Calendar of courses and contact you can find information about the calendar of courses taught by Stonex and an online support form.
This page is created to provide our customers with a support where they can find all the information related to the products. From Stonex we hope you find it useful and that you make good use of it.

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