Claypaky and MA the main stars of the festival night in Barcelona

The lighting company Arcoíris lighting, illuminates for the second consecutive year the main stage of the Cruïlla festival in Barcelona.

The main stage of the festival Cruïlla of Barcelona shined with its own light last July thanks to the lighting company Arcoíris Lighting and thanks to the designer Lluís Danés who turned the stage, for the second year in a row, into a magical space.

Spotlights like A.leda B-EYE K20 and MYTHOS de Claypaky, under the control of the console GrandMA2 de MA Lighting, distributed by Stonex in Spain, they were chosen to shine stars such as Jamiroquai, Two Door Cinema Club, Pet Shop Boys, The Prodigy among others.

The A.leda B-EYE K20, surprised everyone present with their seductive visual effects. Thanks to the mobility of your front lens, these spotlights can turn on themselves creating spectacular visual effects. And thanks to his zoom, which varies between 4 ° to 60 ° and its impressive beam of light, it becomes a very versatile focus.

On the other hand, the classics MYTHOS indispensable in any production, they completed the show with its dynamic effects. These bulbs stand out for their optimal consumption of 470w and its great light output. In addition, the CTO and CTB filters offer a wide range of colors and thanks to their CMY allow us to mix them with smooth and dynamic transitions.

All this in the hand of the console GrandMA2 Light of MA Lighting, chosen to carry the baton of the A.leda B-EYE K20 and the Mythos of Claypaky due to its easy and intuitive handling, which allows controlling any type of lighting thanks to its 4096 parameters, 15 faders and its two touch screens.

Cruïlla comes from the idea of ​​"crossroads" in Catalan, with this they refer to the cocktail of musical and cultural styles that are given in the festival. Music without labels, different musical styles such as Pop, Folk, Ska, Reggae, Rock, Electronic ... make this festival such a special and different place. That is reflected in all its areas, from the music, to the scenography, going through details such as the suggestion of the public about the poster.

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