AXCOR Profile, the new LED mobile light from Clay Paky

The Italian brand has once again surprised with the presentation of its latest focus, Axcor Profile 900, the mobile LED project that offers unique precision in the cutting of its blades, 900w consumption and 24.000 power lumens. 
Axcor Profile 900 It is the first focus of Claypaky that uses a LED light source Instead of a traditional discharge lamp, where a white LED with a very high luminous efficiency has been used. With a power of 900 watts and a light flow of 24.000 lumens of output, works with a system of dichroic filters for the creation of colors, offering a uniform and unique color.
Thanks to its considerable light output, the Axpa Profile 900 Claypaky is at the top of its category and includes the best of modern technology in every way: the characteristics of white light and the colors it produces, its ability to form perfectly sharp projections, and the mechanical precision of blades It offers perfect beams of light.

Axcor Profile 900 has a system of CMY color mix with a very gradual filter insertion and a linear CTO correction device. The transition from one color to another is very smooth. The six filters it has are independent wheels: dark red, luminous blue, green, medium green, golden amber and navy blue.
In terms of effects, the Axcor Profile 900 offers six rotating gobos, an interchangeable wheel, a rotating four-sided prism, an electronic intensity controller of 16-bit, two levels of variable blur filters, another to simulate the wash effect, and an iris with multiple built-in macros that can be used to create effects.
In addition, the Axcor is equipped with the unique clipping system patented by Clapypaky, which works at four different focal levels and which is the strong point of Claypaky's Profile.
The range of the zOom goes from 7º to 40º with very smooth and fluid movements, and also has an autofocus system, which facilitates and accelerates programming. The movements of bread and tilt are very broad and fast.
The Axcor is also extraordinarily silent, thanks to its led cooling system that Claypaky has designed. This characteristic, and the high quality of its light and its color, make it perfect for theaters and sets where silence is an essential requirement.
On the other hand, its power, the impressive quality of its light and its wide variety of visual effects and color, make it a perfect element for events, shows and tours.

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