The Stonex team travels to Prolight + Sound to learn about their suppliers' novelties

ETC, Claypaky, Ayrton and Chauvet dazzle attendees with their novelties at the Frankfurt fair.

Frankfurt has become during the days 4, 5, 6 and 7 in April at the core of the most advanced lighting worldwide. Professionals and lovers of the sector have come together to learn about all the market news, and to experience all the possibilities offered by these products.

Our suppliers presented their new products with a series of shows that became the focus of all eyes, putting the innovation, design and quality of all the novelties they have prepared for this year to the test.

Claypaky News
In the Axcor Profile 900 Claypaky has chosen to use a white LED motor with a very high luminous efficiency. With a power of 900 watts and a luminous flux of 24.000 output lumens, it works with a system of dichroic filters for the creation of colors, offering a uniform and unique color.
On the other hand, and after the B-EYE revolutionized the world with its extraordinary wash effects, Claypaky arrives with K-EYE HCR. A wash that offers total control over the quality of all forms of white light and color with a CRI 97. Its wide chromatic spectrum stands out thanks to the fact that it has a six-color module where the amber, cyan and lime colors have been added to the classic RGB, making it possible to reproduce each color, each shade and each shadow with a satisfactory quality.

The last to join the Scenius family is the Scenic Unico Its most attractive feature is the quality of its light, with an Osram lamp of 1400 watts, 6500K, and a high CRI 94. It is magnificent to project effects since it has six rotating gobos, a rotating prism, an animation wheel, and is equipped with the most sophisticated and precise framing system of the current market.
In addition to all this, Claypaky has presented the Mythos 2. It offers everything you like most about the original hybrid accessory, but with two new features. On the one hand, it offers a new attenuation update, which makes the Mythos2 suitable for the most demanding applications. And on the other hand, it has regenerated its interior technology with one of the most reliable lamps on the market, the OSRAM SRIIUS HRI® 440W.
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News ETC
ETC has just landed with its rigging range in Europe, and does so by presenting Prodigy P2: safe, flexible, light and precise. Between his characteristics stand out his weight with only 130 kg and his capacity of load, 300 kg, with fixed speed. In addition, it can be used either as an autonomous system; or it can be combined with other systems of scenic mechanics larger, becoming a hybrid system. It offers 15 meters of height reaching up to eight lines of elevation, with a five-millimeter cable.
The products ColorSource® of ETC bring a new approach to the designs of LED systems, and in an affordable way. The ColorSource family offers practical control, high quality lighting, data distribution and power control in a simple plug-and-play format. The latest additions to this family are the ColorSource PAR and ColorSource Spot lamps. ColorSource PAR is a led lamp that uses red, green, blue, lime and an extra touch of red providing a great wealth of light. It is also available in Deep Blue. ColorSource Spot It has a very precise combination of reds, greens, blues and lime and offers brighter, richer and more reliable colors than other LEDs in its category. It also accepts many accessories, and is also available in Deep Blue.
Another of the novelties that ETC brings us for this spring is the Gio @ 5 ™. This console brings all the control of the high range of the Eos® family to smaller spaces and tighter budgets. With an articulated LCD screen of 17 inches and multitouch, five motorized faders definable and suitable for the page and a master fader pair, Gio @ 5 is the perfect evolution for Ion® users who want to take the next step.
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Ayrton News
The new MERAK ™ de Ayrton is a wash focus that has an 10 optical zoom system: 1, combined with a multichip LED module RGBW. The new fresnel lens design guarantees a perfect mix of colors, and a completely clear play of light and shadow.
They have also surprised us with the new MAGICPANEL ™ FX. It has a revolutionary 15 optical zoom system: 1 and a range of 3,6 ° to 53 °. The front face of MAGICPANEL ™ FX is composed of a series of independent lenses each offering new possibilities for creating 2D graphic effects, and a beam capable of creating new effects in 3D. The latest innovation of the brand is MAGICBLADE ™ FX. It is an iteration of the award-winning MAGICBLADE-R, and offers amazing versatility. It is equipped with the revolutionary FX optical zoom system, without moving parts and with a fixed transmission lens. It also offers a zoom ratio of 15: 1, and its beam angle oscillates between 3,6º and 53º. It has seven 65 mm lenses, each with an optical surface equivalent to a round lens with a diameter of 80 mm that is combined with high power LEDs, allowing to project volumetric effects.

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Chauvet News
Maverick MK1 Spot offers 27 LEDs with a color display RGBW and 40W, with pixel mapping and zoom. Its design offers exceptional speed. It can be controlled with DMX, sACN, Art-Net, or WDMX, and can receive Art-Net or sACN and send DMX, simplifying cable runs.
Maverick MK3 Wash It is very versatile. It has pixel mapping effects, gobos and CTO color mixing option. It has an Osram lamp of 40 W, and LED RGBW. The control options include DMX, sACN, Art-Net, Kling-Net or W DMX and can receive Art-Net or sACN and send DMX, simplifying cable runs.
And finally Chauvet has surprised us by taking his novelties abroad. The Epix Strip IP offers 100 LED in a single row, and can get wet. This makes it ideal for festivals, concerts and outdoor installations. It is configured quickly and easily and can be controlled through the 2000 IP disk drive in Art-Net, Kling-Net, or sACN (streaming ACN). For more versatility and more creative options, domes and accessories are included.

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About Stonex ...
En Spain, Stonex is the official distributor of ETC, Claypaky, Ayrton y Chauvet among other well-known brands. Stonex offers integral solutions for the entertainment, entertainment and architectural sectors, including design, supply, installation and maintenance of scenic equipment and lighting for professional use.

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