ETC acquires High End

ETC welcomes High End to the family for the recent acquisition.

ETC provides a solid structure of support and support for the acquired company, although at the moment there are no immediate changes in the sales and distribution channels of High End.

ETC y High End Systems They have announced that they are joining forces. ETC offers the company based in Austin, Texas, the support of a team very experienced in the lighting industry to increase their capabilities in service, support and product development.
«That High End joins the family promotes our goal of growth and diversification. We want to help High End products become market leaders in the live events industry «Says David Lincecum, VP of Marketing of ETC.

ETC will manage High End as a separate company, so it will maintain the location of its facilities in Austin, and will also maintain the usual sales and service contact channels:

Although there are currently no immediate changes in the sales and distribution channels, High End plans to evolve and improve the company's reach in all markets by partnering with the ETC family.

“We welcome the ETC family to the High End team. ETC will offer a supportive environment that will allow High End to continue innovating and manufacturing excellent products for the industry «. He CEO of ETC, Fred foster.

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