ETC and the Juan March Foundation: “Synesthesia; hear colors and see music "

The ETC led cuttings distributed by Stonex were the fundamental axis of the fusion of senses in the Juan March Foundation.
Light, music and color, this is how the production "Synesthesia" was defined, a union of color, music and the senses. As it could not be missed, the Juan March Foundation had the LED Source Four LED 2 series cuttings from Electronic Theater Control, distributed by Stonex, which allowed for a unique fusion of color.
The Juan March Foundation welcomed the `synesthetic cycles' in which the boundaries between sound and color, between composition and painting, were diluted. A production where the complexity of the fusion of music and color was put to the test, bringing to light the great capabilities of the ETC Led devices as artistic tools.
The musicians Pascal Rogé, Eduardo Fernández, Imri Talgam, and Alberto Rosado interpreted different synesthetic authors of the 20th century: Debussy, Ligeti, Scriabin and Messiaen, accompanied by a light and color show.
The Juan March Foundation managed to stimulate the view accompanying each musical passage of different tonalities, points of light and shadows, exploring a luminous richness worthy of admiration.
Thanks to technology ETC x7 Color System ™, which covers a tonal spectrum much wider than most of the led cuttings in the market, achieved the double challenge of stimulating the senses of the viewer, and also adapting the lighting needs to what the authors wanted to convey with their compositions.
Normally the tonal range that is covered with RGBW led spotlights leaves the warmer tones and pastel shades out of play, creating saturations in most colors. However, the cut of LED Source Four LED Series 2 of ETC includes, in addition to the usual RGBW, the tones cyan, lime and amber, seven colors that allow to eliminate the saturation of colors and significantly expand its tonal spectrum.
The Juan March Foundation is possibly the auditorium with the largest number of LED devices in Spain, specifically the ETC brand. Among your material, you have material like Source Four LED Series 1, Source Four LED Series 2, Desire D40, CLASSIC Selador, ION console y net3 GATEWAY. The Foundation is raising the quality standards of music and lighting in Spain, with complex and elaborate proposals, and spectacular results.

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