Lock, Stock & Barrel illuminates the Dubai night with dot2 by MA Lighting


Light and show come together under the control of the dot2 XL-B console in this new space whose design allows the possibility of playing with the texture of its facilities offering a unique experience of light and color.
Ben M. Rogers de ArchiLX was responsible for the design of the lighting of this multipurpose space located on the eighth floor of the Grand Millennium Hotel en Dubai. Lock, Stock & Barrel It is a very theatrical space, with a lot of textures of industrial bricks and wooden elements recovered with an analogical sensation. For the design of the lighting they needed to improve and reflect this.
The works began in the middle of 2015 to have everything ready for its opening in the first half of 2016. The needs of the site required a control solution powerful enough to handle a wide variety of devices, including architectural light sources, as well as to cope with the varied weekly schedule of the site. It had to be taken into account that the environments would vary from a concert hall to a first-class sports bar.
These characteristics led to Rogers to opt for a console dot2 XL-B de MA Lighting executed with a network based on Art-Net to drive the shows and the architectural lighting of the space. Its new software, as well as its design, make it a perfect product for this type of installation, since it combines the power and flexibility of the series grandMA2 in a compact console, accessible and with a very intuitive operation.
The lighting designer was looking for a solution based on an adaptable network, with easy programming and expandable control. The intuitive control of dot2 allows you to perfect the color mix and establish a cozy atmosphere with the natural tones of the construction materials and finishes.
Among the accessories chosen for the lighting of the premises have been included some units of beam moving heads used as lighting base within the architectural set, so that the control of it had to be dynamic and flexible. It is a space taken care of to the millimeter, with lighting fixtures in each corner and on its ceilings located at 10 meters in height, which includes a wall built with 600 beer bottles individually illuminated.
Once the installation and design are complete, and despite the fact that they have more than 80 luminaires and more than 800 LED pixels in the room, there is still room in the console for future expansions.
Lock, Stock & Barrel is inspired by the casual trend of the live music industry that we can find around the world. Distributed on two floors and with more than 800 square meters, it offers the possibility for attendees to enjoy live music concerts and sporting events in its two bars, for which it has a stage and eleven screens. A unique space, unpretentious, conceived by the team of Solutions Leisure and designed and built by Broadway Interiors, that does not leave indifferent those who come to him.

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