Clay Paky's Scenius Spot makes a difference in Telemiracle


Six Scenius Spot by Clay Paky made the 40 edition of Telemiracle, the annual Saskatchewan (Canada) telethon, shine during the 21 hours of uninterrupted programming that lasted the show.

The Scenius they were placed in the middle of the stage in the 'fly railIn this way they could be used at different heights and at different angles. Each 10 minutes offered a live performance, so it was necessary to use different styles, but they could only rehearse the first hour of the show, everything else had to be done on the fly.

The telethon opened with the only illumination of the Scenius, taking advantage of the particularity that its beam is very defined through the camera. This produced an impressive as well as an effective effect. After this, a video about the 40 anniversary was screened and, when it was over, the beam of Scenius He focused his attention by illuminating only a vocalist pianist who was on stage. As the lights went up again, the phone number was visible behind the screen.

The novel Scenius Spot produces a color temperature of 6500K and is able to maintain light output. But the feature that, without a doubt, makes it stand out is its high CRI, offering a better reproduction of the colors.

In addition, it covers a wide spectrum of color that includes even pastel shades, thanks to its system CMY and a wheel of 7 colors, without attenuating certain darker blues when projected through the camera.

The large number of different effects offered by your selection of gobos made it a very useful tool this time. Special effects are, of course, high range thanks to 2 rotating gobo wheels, each with 6 interchangeable gobos, a rotating prism and a graphics wheel.

On the other hand, the beam hardly loses intensity when its zoom It varies from 8º to 50º and has a tracking system that concentrates the maximum luminous efficiency on the effect that you want to project. This can be used in both manual and automatic modes.

Its advanced optical unit and a lamp 1400W, they provide a much greater light output. But that's not all, it also offers the possibility of being used in mode 1200W, which means a significant energy saving.

For the director of lighting, Scenius Not only did he meet expectations, he surpassed them. Its characteristics make it a perfect tool for any type of show.

The Canadian tele-marathon destines the benefits to the Foundation of the same name, which is in charge of helping the population of the region of Saskatchewan so they can have access to special needs equipment and medical treatment.

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