New MA Lighting courses in the Canary Islands


Reccrea university education opens the registration period for its lighting control course of MA Lighting consoles. Which will be held during the month of July in the province of Las Palmas.

The consolidated reputation of the consoles of MA Lighting in the sector of professional entertainment lighting, thanks to its stability and its wide variety of programming functions, have led to Reccrea to teach a course in which attendees can learn from the most basic functions, to the domain of the console and its practical application.

In the syllabus of this course, those who decide to enter into the operation of these consoles in which they trust a large number of companies and illuminators for the design of their shows, will be able to know the characteristics of MA Lighting; the Patch of Conventional Lights and Robotics; the Memories and Cues; all the functions and options that include (Setup and other Menus); as well as the way to organize and execute the shows. In addition they will be able to know the software MA3d.

Teams MA Lighting They are adaptable to all kinds of shows. Its wide range of possibilities when programming, as well as its handling and versatility, make it the perfect tool for endless professionals in the sector when executing their shows, regardless of their size.

The course will take place from Monday 18 from July to Wednesday 20 at its headquarters in the province of Las Palmas in the afternoon (from 17: 00 to 21: 00) and a certificate of attendance will be delivered. To provide a better service and attention during the development of the same, they make available to the users a limited number of places.

Reccrea conducts courses on the tables and professional Lighting Software most used in the sector. 10 to 20 courses are usually done intensively so that the participant can acquire knowledge of use and domain quickly.

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