ETC ColorSource PAR adds color to Paide Kultuurikeskus


ETC's ColorSource PAR has been chosen to color the latest improvement project in the Great Hall of the Paide Kultuurikeskus, the largest auditorium in this multi-functional space located in central Estonia.

The last phase of development of this cultural center has incorporated the installation of a series of luminaries ETC ColorSource PAR to give solution as room light, comply with the specific regulation of the place and the requirements of change of color.

ColorSource PAR It has a basic operation mode of RGB, but adds a particularity, the lime color. In this way, get a white tungsten and pastel colors that are identified with theatrical lighting. It is an ideal product to achieve a good illumination on skin tones, as well as to obtain bright and saturated colors. In addition, it is easy to operate through any lighting control thanks to its simple DMX personality and can be used autonomously through its programs and sequences.

The replacement of the original lighting of the Paide Kultuurikeskus it supposed an increase of apparatuses with respect to the previous design (they happened of 30 to 41), in spite of this, the new installation supposes an important energetic saving. Thanks to LED technology, the ColorSource PAR significantly reduces consumption compared to 500W accessories that were used until then to illuminate the space.

The application of this type of luminaires in theatrical spaces provides a new way of lighting, combining energy saving and efficiency in combination with the latest technology. ColorSource PAR It stands out for having the most innovative LED features developed by ETC but at a very affordable price.


On this occasion, the ColorSource PAR they have been placed about the public and they are used as typical regular lights, however, their versatility implies that they can be integrated into productions to create a more enveloping environment thanks to the game that offers its wide spectrum of color.

As he says Kalle Karindi de Focuspoint, 'LED luminaires are a natural choice, but it was crucial that a perfect regulation of the 0% was fulfilled. This was quite a challenge, especially with such a limited budget, but the accessories ColorSource they fit perfectly. '

ETC has developed the range ColorSource to provide high quality solutions for all types of spaces and uses, offering a wide range of possibilities that allow adjusting to each type of project and budget.

El Paide Kultuurikeskus It opened its doors in December of 1987 and, in recent years, has experienced significant improvements in its facilities to maintain its status as a national reference point, while retaining its original and distinctive design features. The changes that have taken place have cemented their position as a center of excellence in the region.

The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art technical features to shed light on upcoming events, including the National Opera and Ballet, the stand-up comedy and cabaret shows, graduation ceremonies and trade fairs.

In Spain, Stonex is the official distributor of ETC. The new range ColorSource offers the innovation and quality of the luminaires of ETC at more adjusted prices, which allows it to be available to all types of projects.

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