Dot2 and grandMA2, now compatible with the new MA software


The new MA Lighting software update comes loaded with multiple new features as well as a breakthrough, the dot2 and grandMA2 consoles become compatible.

A new software update for the console is now available dot2 on the web of MA Lighting. The version comes with force and brings with it an important novelty, among all its new functionalities, it allows the compatibility of dot2 and the grandMA2. This novelty is a great step forward for the user since it implies an important saving of time when programming and designing the same show on one or another console.

The philosophy of dot2 it is based on intuitive operation and complete connectivity. The essence of the company is condensed into a user-friendly and powerful console. A perfect combination of creativity, intuitive handling, adaptability, design and the DNA of the brand.

Designed for medium and small projects and clients, it is adaptable to most theatrical environments, tours, corporate events, television or education. The simple operation of its software is also available in Spanish and offers help boxes to guide the user to achieve the maximum potential of the console.

At the same time, the company presents the new version of the software 3.2 to grandMA2 that also comes with a lot of improvements. Thanks to these and the reliability of it, the console grandMA2 It is considered a benchmark in lighting control for entertainment.

The most striking feature that this update includes is its Bitmap Effects Engine, a radically new concept that allows virtual patching of the devices, with the real characteristics of the focus.

Another of its new features is its bi-directional RDM that will allow users to access the configuration, status and tracking of RDM compatible devices, with the information available in the console.

In addition, the web-remote controller now includes a wide range of remote access possibilities. View of the playback, Execution sheet and Percent pool view; as well as the melting, delay and exit layers are available for all the sheets.

Your video processor MA VPU, it also receives important new features and becomes an application that supports 64 bits and allows the use of Hap-Codec, with content higher than the HD and transparency of the Alpha channel. The greater integration of MA VPU within the software of the grandMA2 allows new intelligent dialogs for real-time manipulation.

MA Lighting it does not conform and continues to work to increase and improve its performance, and improve the work flow of the user. The version 3.2 of the software offers significant advances in many aspects, which entails an even faster and more flexible programming.

To download the new version of the Software from the dot2, click on the image.


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