Clay Paky and MA Lighting make the 'Eleventh' shine

The finale of the celebrations of Real Madrid after getting its 11º European Cup in Milan took place at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The entire template was presented, before a crowd that filled its stands, accompanied by an impressive light and color show.

El Real Madrid he faced in the final before a Atletico Madrid that did not make things easy for him, an exciting match that was not resolved until the penalty shoot-out. After the long-awaited victory the white squad returned home to share their eleventh European Cup with the fans. After their presentation before the Goddess Cibeles, the institutions and the white fans through the streets of Madrid, they moved to the stadium to end the celebrations.

So, on Sunday, on the 11 of the night, the Santiago Bernabeu He stayed in the dark to begin the celebration in Chamartín. At that time, 11 illuminated balloons that represented the glasses obtained throughout the history of the club, became the starting point of a complete spectacle of light and color.

A show where 69 of the novelties Myth de Clay Paky they unleashed their full potential on the pitch. Once again, the moving head of Clay Paky showed all its power in just 470w. You make definite lights, color and above all a lot of light, they closed the Madrid night. Its versatility and its wide possibilities, made it one of the choices that could not be missed to celebrate the desired victory. Ideal for use in large shows, they allow to offer a wide variety of colors and numerous visual effects thanks to their fixed and rotating gobos. 67 units could also be seen in action Sharpy. Small and light it becomes an indispensable for large productions.

The lighting design was carried out by the renowned illuminator Juanjo Llorens, that was accompanied by Mario Romero Maldonado in Technical Management and by Caco Garcia as Programmer and Operator. Together with all their team, they managed to create an impressive show that accompanied the euphoria of those who lived the celebration.

Finally, for the lighting control they could not miss the consoles of MA Lighting: GrandMA Light y Full-Size. Equipped with the most advanced technology and with special features, it is perfect for lighting any type of show with a comfortable and flexible programming that allows endless possibilities and effects, such as those that could be observed during this event.
EDT Events, was in charge of organizing the celebrations after the victory in the capital, counting together all the material that was supplied by the company AVLTP.

Congratulations champions!

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