Stonex organizes a Masterclass with the illuminators Al Gurdon and Peter Canning

The next November 18, the lighting designers of shows as international as the rest of the Superbowl, Eurovision or the Olympic Games of Sochi, will offer a Masterclass organized by Stonex, with the collaboration of the Spanish Ships and the sponsorship of Clay Paky .
Once again, Stonex organizes a conference focused on the world of professional lighting, where it will feature lighting designers Al Gurdon and Peter Canning.
The day aims to serve as a meeting point to share experiences and knowledge within the sector of culture and entertainment. A didactic day focused mainly on the exchange of knowledge between professionals.
International lighting designers Al Gurdon and Peter Canning will be in charge of lighting the event that will take place in the Fernando Arrabal Room of the Naves del Español next Wednesday, 18 in November, from 10 to 17.
At the Madrid conference, we will embark on a fascinating journey through some of the lighting designs of professionals Al Gurdon and Peter Canning, where they will talk about:
Eurovision, one of the most followed music programs in the world.
Awards, a broad vision of the particularity of this type of programs, where the originality and novelty of the lighting project triumphs.
The Rest of the Superbowl, a show that impacts by its display and its greatness in less than 8 minutes.
Olympic Games. The Opening and Closing Ceremonies are two radically different celebrations in terms of expectations and objectives. Light seeks to transmit feelings and sensations, an entire experience that aims to be recorded in the mind of everyone who lives it.
Peter Canning will finally lead us to a detailed presentation of the Sochi Olympic Games, highlighting all the secrets and technical characteristics.
The conference of Al Gurdon and Peter Canning is the first time it takes place in Spain, organized by Stonex in collaboration with the Naves del Español and with the sponsorship of Clay Paky.
The event will take place next Wednesday, November 18 in Madrid. From the 10 in the morning to the 16.30. Participation is free for professionals in the world of lighting, but we have a limited space so you have to register in the form. To register or for more information, sign up through https: //

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