New version of v2.3 software for ETC #EOS consoles

ETC updates its version of the software to the v2.3 for the lighting consoles of the EOS family
  The EOS family of consoles (Element, ION, GIO, EOS and Nomad) have a new software version with a multitude of new functions:
EOS v2.3 (2)

  • New color treatment Programming and "Color Picker" where other consoles have not yet arrived. You can choose the path of your color transition between cues (Specific for color control in LEDs and devices with CMY mixing)
  • RDM in the console itself. With the new software update, you can convert your console into an RDM transmitter and receiver, without the need for an external node.
  • New functions of submasters with improvement of the effects generating machine.
  • Inclusion of the OSC protocol, very common for external controls and free applications.

EOS v2.3
You can learn more about the new features of EOS v2.3 by clicking, here!.
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