The new software for the dot2 is now available

The version of the dot2 is now available on the MA Lighting website, where it can be downloaded for free.
MA Lighting launches its aupdate for the consoles of the dot2 range, the latest novelty of one of the most used brands in lighting control.
Some featured functions after its update are:

  • Now Virtual playback view is shown with labels
  • To see the labels: Press the "MA" key and only the number of each button will appear.
  • New virtual keyboard with special characters. New keys have been added as: Start, select, all, end, copy, cut, paste, cursor up, cursor down, cursor right and cursor left.
  • The hitchhiking option to the dialogue box
  • The restart function to the dialog box.
  • El play command  «Temp» it can be assigned to all the executing buttons
  • The multiple choice in the configuration (before MA + right encoder)
  • Rendering improvements node4 screen

You can download the new update and find more information at:

Download dot2 software

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