Heart Ibiza, art, gastronomy and lots of light

The project launched by the well-known chefs Ferrán and Albert Adrià together with Guy Laliberté, creator of Cirque du Soleil, opened its doors to the season full of art, performance, gastronomy and lots of light where they have bet on several Clay Paky projectors, distributed by Stonex.
Since a few months ago they started this project, Heart Ibiza opened its doors to the press last 23 in June, where attendees could enjoy the art and gastronomy providing Heart Ibiza.
A new concept to experience Ibiza in which they had the projectors of Clay Paky to illuminate the space. Mythos, A.leda B-EYE K10 and Alpha Profile 800 They were in charge of putting light to the Ibizan night.
The project carried out by the brothers Adriá and Guy Laliberté, has had the sponsorship of several companies, including Stonex. A new idea that moves all thesencia of Ibiza united to art, music and gastronomy.
Heart Ibiza It has three spaces. its Terrace, where a hippie chic-style street market converges with all the essence and flavor of the Adriá brothers seal. Between flavors and dishes, art interacts with the visitorand offering a unique experience. Your room Supper, a space where to continue enjoying the food of the Adriá, together with different performances and music coexist with the diner. Lastly, your area Club, the point where the Ibizan night takes place. Music and dance to end a unique experience.
El lighting design, under the hand of the designer Philippe Vanderheeren, once again trusted the teams of Clay Paky. The project was installed by Fluge Audiovisuales, under the technical direction of Quini Mustard. For its part, Nacho Ortega, part of the production direction of the Heart space and José Corraliza, manager of Felicitat Entertainment SL, fully trusted the participation of Stonex and Clay Paky in this project in which innovation becomes a fundamental factor.

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