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In order to facilitate the update in lighting control tables, Stonex launches its new Renove Plan, a program that offers great advantages when changing your Express or Expression lighting console for an ETC ION.
This new program tries facilitate the renovation of Express and Expression lighting consoles of the ETC brand through its Renove Plan. A plan that aims to help replace the old lighting consoles of the ETC brand.
The initiative is directed ausuarios of the already known ETC Express / Expression, that enjoy their simplicity and reliability but consider that they have been a little outdated.
The new program will offer facilities to allow the renewal and update to the new ETC lighting console, the well-known ION. An option that is suitable for medium and large productions, as well as for theaters, with all the power and precision of the EOS family.

Express / Expression ION
96 channels 16.000 channels
Maximum 2 universes Up to 6.144 routable parameters
Max 600 cues Up to 10.000 cues
10 pages of 24 submasters 30 pages of 20 faders: submasters, cues, effects or grand masters. Mapeables.
1 List of cues assignable to 1 playback 999 lists of cues assignable to 600 faders
In addition to :
Pixel Mapping
EOS range compatible software
2 Ethernet connectors
Support multi-touch screens
Multitude of protocols
Disk in solid state
Connection to external expanders
Apps for remote control via WIFI
Internal Media Server

To Enjoy the advantages offered by the ETC Renove Plan, you just have to register on your page and fill in the form. Stonex will offer you a Personalized studio for renovation.
The promotion, which extends throughout the Spanish territory, will be valid from the 22 of June of 2015 until the next 31 of December of 2015.
For more information, you can also contact through your email[:]

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