LED innovation with ETC at your fingertips

The new ETC LED device, ColorSource PAR, presented at PLASA, stands out for having the most innovative LED features developed by ETC but at a very affordable price.
ETC has presented the new ColorSource PAR LED device, using the technology with which it has developed the most innovative LED products from ETC.
The new ColorSource PAR is a simple device to use as an LED pair of ETC, but with the reliability and technology of the older brothers, the Desire range of ETC. It allows to achieve not only saturated reds, greens and blues, but also pastel colors very close to tungsten and tones, which offers a good result on the skin and face of actors.
The ColorSource PAR is an LED, despite having a basic RGB mode of operation, it uses the white-lime LED used in the successful Source Four Led Lustr Series 2 to achieve a tungsten white and pastel colors that we identify with the lighting theatrical. With the ColorSource PAR you can get good skin tones at the same time as bright and saturated colors.
ETC has endeavored to develop a range of theater-specific LED projectors with the color capabilities of conventional theater projectors and the advantages of LED. Now ETC uses all that technology to get a new pair led, the ColorSource PAR at an affordable price.
The ColorSource PAR can be easily managed by any lighting control thanks to its simple DMX personality, or used in stand-alone mode through its programs and sequences.
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