Osram conducts a training conference in Stonex

The Osram professionals visited the Stonex offices yesterday to offer a technical-formative seminar on the latest professional lighting control solutions from the German firm.
Control, know and operate with the new solutions of Lighting control de OSRAM en buildings and spaces It was the goal of the day developed at Stonex.
Arancha and Mª José, commercial technicians of Osram, were in charge of giving the training to the Stonex technicians, where they could get up close and work with the Osram software for DALI protocols.
During the training, the Stonex technical service could program with the software developed by OSRAM dedicated to light control in offices, museums, theaters or closed spaces. Based on a DALI protocol (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface), the OSRAM system is totally addressable which allows to assign values ​​to the luminaries and control them independently. In addition, it offers reporting of each of the devices that make up the system, which allows having the control of the state of each one of the apparatuses.
On the other hand, they could meet the new lighting control systems, Lightfy PRO, which use the Zigbee wireless protocol. A wireless system that allows cOntrolar through a simple mobile device or Tablet the lighting of the building. In addition to being intuitive, it allows control through a mobile application, which makes it a versatile and adaptable system.
Stonex continues with its dynamics of being updated and up to date with the latest innovations related to the world of professional lighting. The objective is offer a quality and specialized technical service in the treatment of each of the lighting systems and controls.
Stonex has more than 34 years of experience in the world of lighting. Offers integral architectural and professional control and lighting solutions, from the design to the supply, installation and maintenance of the equipment.
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